Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wedding Gifties

One of the best things about having made over our bedroom is that we were able to move things around on the walls and incorporate a few pretty spectacular wedding gifts.

This is going to require backstory, methinks.

So! You know how my parents and I (and now Boy and his family!) have a long history of vacationing at Hampton Court Palace? Well, over the course of many, many years of staying there, we've made great friends with some of the Palace guards. My parents befriended a few guards within minutes of arriving at the Palace for their first stay . . . and you would too. The Palace is notoriously haunted and, if you found yourself in a spot of paranormal trouble, trust me, you'd want the guys downstairs with the big flashlights on your side!

We stayed at Hampton Court for the begining of our wedding trip, and had a little get together for HCP friends on one of our nights there. During that stay, Boy and I got two of, really, the most spectacular wedding gifts. Our friends Trevor and Jackie had a clock made for us by a clockmaker in Hastings, where they live. The clock was carved by hand in the shape of England. It is just absolutely gorgeous and handmade, artisan goods are totally the kind of thing I love. We put the clock up in our bedroom hallway, showcased on its own little patch of wall where we see it several times every day.

Our good friends Patrick and his sister Christine and her daughter Katherine had another spectacular handmade gift crafted for us: A Welsh Love Spoon. Love Spoons are unique to Wales and have a long, rich history. The carvings are all full of symbolism and meaning. The spoon that was made for us includes bells which are symbolic of weddings; a dragon, symbolic of Wales and Celtic knotwork for eternal love. We hug it up by our bedroom door, to make sure that we can't leave the house in the morning without seeing our spoon and remembering our amazing wedding!

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