Monday, October 5, 2009


Have you guys seen our living room? Have you seen our deck? Not to be a peacock about it, but they're pretty damn gorgeous. We worked hard on them and we love how they turned out. We're proud to have people over and show them off.

Which makes it all the more painful to walk into our bedroom and be surrounded by all the MEH.

We bought new dressers when we moved into the condo. We ripped out the tacky 80s blinds and redid all the window treatments (one of them pretty spectacularly). We put up pictures and things we'd collected while travelling. We bought a new duvet and I sewed up tons of pillows.

And still? The bedroom looks like a furniture wasteland. It is mismatched (not that things have to match) and just incredibly BORING.

Maybe I'm so down on the bedroom since my last bedroom was A FREAKING WORK OF ART. I LOVED that room. I had candle sconces on the wall and mirrors and heavy damask draperies and when I'd light the candles and lie in bed to read I honestly felt like I was at the Four Seasons. It was the perfect bedroom.


One thing Boy and I thought FOR SURE needed to be handled bedroom wise was my book "Situation". I have a great bookcase that my dad and grandpa built for me when I was a baby . . . simple, sturdy and obviously really sentimental. Trouble was, my book collection outgrew those shelves sometime in my second year of college. And yet I've made due ever since then by cramming it as full as possible and stacking books up alongside. On Thursday night at around 3am, that method sorta FAILED:

Boy had the brilliant idea of getting shelving that would span the entire width of our bedroom, under our window. We found shelves at Ikea that were the perfect length . . . just three inches to spare. So we were able to get that great, built in look without having to spend tons of money or actually build anything in.

The building, though, was not all shits and giggles. I'm sure we've all assembled Ikea furniture before and we all know about thier screws and lock bolts. If you haven't screwed a screw in ALL THE WAY you're not going to be able to get a lock bolt over it. And by the time you realize your error you'll have built the entirety of the bookcase and you won't be willing to undo all your work just to tighten one stupid screw. In which case you could leave the bolt off entirely, or you could get medieval on its ass with a jeweler's saw. The choice is yours!

After much wrangling, arranging and vaccuming, Boy and I ended up with this:

Plus side!: My books all fit! Some are 2 rows deep but WHATEVER. At least none are FOUR rows deep anymore.

Negative side: Those of us hoping for a massive, all around transformation (<- me) were left a little disappointed. The bedroom looks better, but it still isn't KILLER. We have an idea or two about rearranging the furniture (and ripping out the old carpeting) which could make all the difference in the world.

For now, though, I'm happy to have a "better" (if not yet perfect) bedroom and a home for all my books! More photos HERE, some of which I'll talk about another day because I've reached my teeth gnashing quota for this post!


Nutsy Coco said...

The new shelf looks great! I'm like you, I want things to look instantly awesome, but I'm working on getting over that with my new house. We have a lot of space and walls to fill and I constantly have to remind myself that it's ok if things take awhile to come together. I'm sure your bedroom will end up as completely awesome as you're hoping for!

Brenda said...

It a never ending saga at my house. Now I've moved outside.... and have extended the patio. Of course it wasn't finished in time for the Sept. birthday party and we had to becareful around the metal stakes sticking out of the ground that were holding the forms in place.... but it is all done now, except for the sidewalk....which I don't know when that will be done.... and then there's the reseeding of the backyard, that looks like a bad scene from Harry Potter.

The bookcase looks lovely. And look at all the space on top.

Krameymartin said...

I have the book problem too. We'll just have to see how it works out in the new house!

This is a great idea!

Camels & Chocolate said...

WHOA! Wanna come to my house and organize my 17 book shelves accordingly while you're at it?

Looks great!

Jane said...

Our home overfloweth with books too. Me thinks we may have single handedly supported the Billy Bookcase line at Ikea in 2003-2007 with our purchase of 8? OK so four are some other Ikea bookcase. It's crazy really. I like your solution because I am seriously stretched for walls at this point.