Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Cooking, More Questions

When Boy and I were up in Tehachapi we had an amazing dinner at this Latin restaurant near my father-in-law's property. The boys got cuban sandwiches (some concoction of pork in various forms and bbq sauce, it seemed) and I had truly spectacular veggie tacos. I'm always on the lookout for meals that I can pop in the oven and let cook while I work out (Preggo Yoga DVDs!) and this one fit that bill perfectly.

I chopped up a sweet potato, a carrot and a zucchini, drizzled them with olive oil and sea salt and set then, covered in foil, to roast at 350. When I was done with my yoga, I took the foil off the pan, cranked the heat a bit and chopped up some pico de gallo, slivered some green cabbage and doctored a can of black beans with green onions, cumin, oregano and red pepper flake. We ate them with blue corn tortillas.

They came out just perfectly, were really healthy and totally work as "the kind of dinner we can let cook with minimal supervision then eat after we work out" (a category also populated by such favorites as: "baked potatoes with stuff on them", "casseroles" and "big pots of soup").

Speaking of workouts . . . any pregnancy workout DVD recommendations out there? I've got Gabrielle Reece's Complete Fit and Healthy Pregnancy, which I liked a lot in the early months but now seems to require a bit more balance and coordination than I find I have anymore. I also have Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Short Forms, which I only just started using but feels like a killer workout and is super convenient in that I can pick 15, 30 or 45 minute programs as time allows.


Nutsy Coco said...

I subscribe to myyogaonline and while I haven't tried them, I know they have a number of preggo yoga options. It's $10/mo and you can use it as often as you like. Plus you can pay for it a month at a time so if you try it out once and don't find any you like, it's super easy to cancel!

Miss Scarlet said...

those tomatoes look sooooo good.

Anonymous said...

I think I need for you to cook me some of these,
Love, Mom