Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Bullets

SOMEBODY is cranky and tired and pregnant and had a little too much rock and roll last night, so instead of a comprehensive, nicely composed post you're getting bullet points. You're welcome.

- The other night Boy was helping me take the groceries up from my car and he said "Oh! Wait! You've forgotten a box of Cheerios in your front seat!" and I said "LEAVE THOSE THERE THEY ARE MY CAR CHEERIOS THEY LIVE THERE!". Yep. Car Cheerios. They're a lifesaver whenever I'm violently hungry and/or barfy and stuck in traffic.

- Last night, while driving home, I managed to get well and truly lost at the intersection of a street I used to live just off of (Sunset) and one I used to live on (Benedict Canyon). I thought up unitl then I'd been escaping pregnancy brain pretty nicely, BUT NO! APPARENTLY NOT!

- I think I should probably just give up caffeine completely. I was never huge on it . . . a cup of black tea every morning in the car, sometimes a second at the office and a cup of coffee each weekend morning. Sometime around 6 weeks black tea started turning my stomach so I switched to herbal tea in the mornings. I gave up my weekend coffee shortly thereafter (I was drinking teeny 4oz cups, if at all, at that point). Now my only indulgence is the occasional iced tea or Coke, but I find even those tiny amounts affect me PROFOUNDLY. I find myself up all night and suffering withdrawal headaches the day after. I do appreciate that an iced tea can help me combat fatigue enough to get through an especially long day, but I'm just not sure it is worth it anymore. Thoughts? What are you planning to do or what did you do during your pregnancy(ies)?


Nutsy Coco said...

Pregnancy brain :) My SIL couldn't remember the name of things and everything became blank monster - shiny, spinny monster (ceiling fan).

I don't have a caffeine plan for when I get pregnant. I drink a mug of low caffeine green tea every day at work and the occasional coke so I guess I'll see how it affects me when I get to that point.

Jennie said...

I gave up a pretty serious Diet Coke addiction (which I've since re-adopted post-baby), but that was the only caffeine I drank. I did drink the occasional coke in the third trimester on orders from my doctor to get the baby moving if he had ever gone too long without.

Domesticrazy said...

I gave up my Coke, and then switched to caffeine free. You're right, it completely messes you up. I'm still on this wagon thanks to nursing, and it's really tough those first few weeks with baby and no sleep. It would be worse if baby got caffeine though. I know this from experience. That was a loooong two days.

At this point do whatever makes you feel best, because a little doesn't hurt anything unless it makes you feel all wonky. And I LOVE the car Cheerios!

Meggan said...

Haven't given up my weekly latte. I figure they allow you about a cup of drip coffee per day (which has more caffeine than espresso) and I have maaayyyybe one latte a week.

It's so funny to me that you mention orange juice in your last entry - I'm 15 weeks now and have LIVED off orange juice for the last couple of months or so. It just always sounds delicious to me. I am at work right now sans OJ and am kind of sad about it, to be honest. TJ's is totally the best kind.

HollyLynne said...

Jennie, I gave up diet sodas about a year ago so at least I'm not worried about the whole artificial sweetener issue. It is just the caffeine thing :(

Meggan, I wish I'd have "met" you a few months ago! I bought 2 half gallons of OJ at TJ's thinking I loved it and by the time I got it home I was revolted. I tried so hard to give those two cartons away :)