Thursday, October 8, 2009

Firing up the ol' hooks

I haven't crocheted anything in eons. Seriously? Like, months and months and months. Over the weekend, though, while flipping through my new Lucky magazine, I saw this:

And, well, CLEARLY, I need that scarf. I need the jacket too, something fierce. But I'll start with the scarf.

So I dusted the cobwebs off of my yarn stash and found this:

Whereas it wasn't exactly black cashmere or alpaca, it WAS fresh off the boat from Ireland (well, my parents picked it up for me in Blarney about 3 years ago) and it is for sure the skein in my collection I've most been wanting to make something special out of.

I flipped through my stitch pattern book and found a spiderweb stitch, which, while it bears no relation whatsoever to the stitch pictured in Lucky, is a SPIDERWEB STITCH and in my current Halloween / Haunted Mansion obsessed state of mind I decided I MUST! TRY!

So, I'm about 3 pattern repeats in and actually really proud of myself for plowing through a complicated stitch pattern after a long crochet hiatus. And if I pull this scarf off? I'm going to get me some nice black cashmere to make another!


Kathy said...

Looks good! I love crochet :) I have 5 projects on the go at the moment, including one I'm making up... which I think you might like cos it is inspired by spiderwebs! Have fun making the scarf!

Diane said...

I know it seems ages ago, but it was actually only two years ago we were in Blarney. This is looking so pretty I wish I'd bought more of that yarn and then you'd have enough to make a pretty spiderweb scarf for me, too!! (hint, hint, Xmas is coming).

Nutsy Coco said...

It looks great! I love the spiderweb stitch. Makes me want to pick up my crochet hooks too but that would probably lead to MUCH frustration and cursing.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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