Monday, September 28, 2009

Pig Newton's Plaid Pants

My parents were digging around in their attic the other day pulling down the Halloween decorations (which they dutifully put up even though it was A HUNDRED DEGREES THIS WEEKEND MY GOD). While in the attic they found a few boxes of my kid books that they pulled down for giggles. I went through the boxes yesterday, and among various other awesomeness (a TRON pop up book, The Monster At The End of This Book, Mickey's Haunted House (with a, hopefully, still operational cassette tape!)) we found one of my biggest childhood faves, Pig Newton's Plaid Pants.

I took the book home and re-read it last night, expecting it to be cute, but not realizing quite how awesome it always was. Pig Newton sees a portrait of his Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather Sir Pig Newton, decked out in the MacNewton plaids and decides he's gonna have to get his hands on a pair of plaid pants. (Bonus! Awesome falling apple / Isaac Newton physics reference!)

Pig Newton's uncle makes him a pair of plaid pants, which Pig Newton immediately starts wearing with his old standby striped and polka dotted shirts. He might look a little loud at times, as his mom and teacher and classmates keep telling him, but Pig Newton thinks he looks GOOD. And frankly, so do I.

Pig Newton's dad, who does the household laundry (go, Pig Newton's dad!) isn't sure whether to put Pig's new plaid pants in the lights load or the darks load . . . so, ever resourceful, Pig Newton offers to wash them himself. By hand. Every night. Such a trooper!

One morning, though, Pig Newton wakes to find his beloved plaid pants missing from the clothesline outside his bedroom window. Devestated, poor little Pig Newton goes to school where he finds his classmates have taken his plaid pants and put them on a scarecrow. Pig's tailor uncle tells him the pants are ruined beyond repair . . .but he takes a few measurements and tells Pig to come back in a week.

A week later, Pig is thrilled to find that his uncle has sewn him an all new, all plaid wardrobe! Pig Newton gets to wear his plaid! He has plaid shirts to go with his plaid pants so he no longer clashes! Pig Newton's dad can split the laundry into lights, darks and plaids! Everyone is happy!

And Pig Newton learns a valuable lesson: "If you like something long enough, sooner or later your friends and family will find something to like about it too."

How freaking cute is that?!

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Jan Spitzenberger said...

Just ran across your story on Pig Newton ~ this was my son's favorite book when he was little. I hope this book is still at my Mom's house in the attic & that I didn't get rid of it. Maybe one day, someone will get up there and find it. It is truly a childhood treasure.