Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I've been feeling really caught up in Etsy matters lately. I've spent many long nights making new styles for the shop and I've got a nice little stockpile going. So I decided to take some time on Sunday over the Labor Day weekend to make myself something pretty from silver. Making things for me or for friends, for fun, and at leisure is really my favorite kind of making!

I hadn't set a stone in a while but this pendant came together pretty quickly. I started the setting before dinner on Sunday, let it sit in the pickle while we walked to get Italian food, and finished it off after having napped on the deck for a bit. It's funny how this piece came together that way . . . just sort of spackled in to the rest of the things I was doing that day!

I cut the back plate large and filed it into an egg shape, to mirror the stone's shape. I used my flex shaft to drill a bail hole (first time I've used the flex shaft to drill!) and sawed and filed the hole into an arched shape.

I've worn it a few times already and I love how it came out! I've still got some experimenting to do before I figure out the perfect way to attach bails to set cabochons as pendants, but this wound up being a fun, workable solution!


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That turned out great! It's a lovely piece.