Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Boy and I hosted a BBQ on Saturday night, our first (if you can believe that!) since we redid our rooftop deck. The thing about rooftops in the Summer in Los Angeles is that they're pretty much 8,000 degrees at all times. We busted our butts trying to get the deck done "in time for Summer" only to realize that we couldn't really use it until the END of Summer. Heh.

It was worth waiting for, though! We have seating for six and made a run for a few additional chairs and tray tables. We were able to very comforatably have dinner for EIGHT up there. Honestly, we could've even fit a few more. I made teriyaki tofu skewers, baked black beans, a pile of snap peas and a Dutch apple pie FROM SCRATCH that I totallly forgot to take a photo of. My sister-in-law brought a great green salad, my mom made a tomato and mozzerella salad and my father in law, having just got back from a fishing trip, brought some fish for the non-veggies among us (i.e.: everyone but me, really).

The whole night went off without a hitch and Boy and I are thrilled to know we really do have the room to host large-ish dinner parties without making people sit on the floor.

At one point during the BBQ, my dad asked if Boy and I had ever SLEPT on the roof. Guys, seriously? I've never slept outside IN MY LIFE. I am an indoor kind of girl. But something about his suggestion intrigued Boy and I both so on Sunday night we dragged our air mattress upstairs and pulled out our portable DVD player, a Fawlty Towers DVD and the last of the apple pie. It was ABSURDLY fun. Movie night outside! Brilliant!


Nutsy Coco said...

Never slept outside? Really?? Movie night on the roof looks like fun!

Krameymartin said...

I want to sleep on the roof!!!!

HollyLynne said...

Nutsy, NEVER. We crashed for an hour or so after watching movies on Sunday and that was officially the first time I've ever slept outside. Aside from, you know, falling asleep on beach loungers and whatnot.

We are so totally doing movie night up there again, for as long as the weather allows!

Camels & Chocolate said...

Just so you know, your roof gives me a boner. Jealous!

Jane said...

That's awesome! I've often thought it would be fun (and so much cooler) to sleep on our roof. But it's locked up at night. Since I live right under the pool deck, I am thankful not to have the noise. Still, it would be fun to have a private roof.

HollyLynne said...

Thanks, guys! We love having our deck. It is a huge perk to balance living in a condo without a yard :)