Friday, August 14, 2009

Theme Park Proof Makeup

I've been investing a lot of time (and MONEY!) lately in trying to find makeup products that actually stick. The whole plan being that I'll be able to enjoy our Disneyland time without worrying that I'll look pale and ghosty in all our pictures (which has TOTALLY HAPPENED BEFORE.) Yep, guys. It is true. This is what I spend my time thinking about. Disneyland-proof makeup.

You can go ahead and remove me from your Google reader now, I'll understand.

You might want to read this next bit first though. I really seem to have found a magical combo!

- I start with SPF 70 (So that I may remain pale and ghostly). I've been using Coppertone NutraShield lately which is great because it has all sorts of fancy skincare ingredients mixed in and ergo reduces my anxiety about skipping additional moisturizer underneath.

- Key trick here! I wait at least 20 minutes between sunblock and makeup and before I start the makeup I USE BLOTTING PAPERS. Blotting papers BEFORE makeup. I consider myself some kind of mad genius for coming up with this (who cares if I'm not the first!) Using the blotting papers pre-makeup seriously, seriously makes everything last longer, as makeup has an oil free canvas to adhere to. I use Boots Expert Shine Control Papers from Target.

- Then I use a magical product . . . tinted moisturizer and primer all in one. Too Faced Primed and Poreless. Primer is the key to making makeup stay put. I'm not big on full on foundation, opting instead for tinted moisturizer most of the time. Primer then tinted moisturizer (on top of sunblock, mind you) just seems like an oil slick waiting to happen. Thats why this Too Faced primer is soooo far superior, in my opinion, to any other primer I've seen on the market: it is tinted. Just enough to gloss over minor imperfections and make my skin look clean and fresh in one step.

- Next I use my favorite Nars blush and Benefit concealer, which both stick like magic on top of the primer.

- Then I set everything with a dusting of Bare Minerals Hydrating Mineral Veil. This powder is fantastic for girls with dryer skin like mine. It sets makeup and gives a softly diffused finish without looking chalky or feeling tight. It has the perfect teensy bit of shimmer which is gorgeously dewy on the skin . . . even in broad sunlight.

- Next up is another magical primer from Too Faced: Shadow Insurance. If you take none of my advice, take this. This primer is MAGICAL. It makes any eyeshaddow bulletproof. I have worn it through the day with nary a crease, then GONE HIKING in the evening after work without having removed my makeup first. SWEAR ON MY LIFE, even after a full workday and a hike, my eyeshadow looked exactly like it did when I applied it in the morning. MAGICAL, I tell you. Go buy now.

- Then I put on any old eyeshadow. My favorites are taupe/mushroom/shimmer-y shades like Bare Minerals Celestine, an old Stila trio that seems to be discontinued, but looks very similar to their Champagne Glow trio, and Elizabeth Arden's shadow in Smoke. I use the primer under my lashline and on the inner corners of my eyes, so the shadow says when I line below my eye and put a speck of shimmery pale shadow in my inner corners.

- Then waterproof mascara. I have one from Stila called Lash Visor that lasts all day without budging. I also quickly darken my brows with good old Maybelline brow pencil.

- Then for lipstick . . . there's the hard bit. Long lasting lipsticks really don't work, do they? Stains are better, but they're drying. My compromise is to use a stain (Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain in Teasing Blush) and top it with a little SPF 15 balm (on10 Disney Red Apple Balm, because how cute is that package?!). The balm on top means I do have to reapply the stain throughout the day, but it is much longer lasting than regular gloss or lipstick. I get a good 3 to 4 hours of wear out of it.

And there you have it! The results of my extensive and expensive research. So, you know, if you ever want to go to Disneyland and have your makeup stay on all day NOW YOU TOTALLY CAN.

Have a great weekend everyone, be back Wednesday with photos from our trip!


Nutsy Coco said...

SPF 70???

Sometimes I wish I knew about makeup but I'm good if I manage to put on some foundation, blush and lip gloss before I head out the door.

HollyLynne said...

Yep, 70! I am a little obsessed :)

OK, a lot!

Kyla Roma said...

Ha! I use SPF 50+ all the time, I think we're kindred spirits!

My version of theme park proof makeup would have to be waterproof mascara, because I'm a total wuss and would cry from fear on the rollercoasters.

For real.

Just found your blog through Wishcake (I think! lol) I'm adding you to my reader!

Camels & Chocolate said...

That's MY favorite concealer, too! And the only makeup product I usually use. Bo-ing!

HollyLynne said...

Hey, Kyla! Welcome to my ol' blog :)
Kristin, seriously, get some of the Too Faced Shadow Insurance for your wedding. BULLETPROOF, I swear. I wish I'd discovered it before mine!