Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Forever 21 never quits while they're ahead

Take this sweater for instance, which I blogged about here.

Freaking adorable, right? Well, I bought it (because, like I said, it is SOMEBODY'S birthday very soon) and was giddy with excitement when it came in the mail. Until I realized that the white, demure looking buttons in the photo were just an optical illusion and the sweater in real life was encrusted with TACKY RHINESTONE BUTTONS. Observe:

SERIOUSLY, FOREVER 21?! This is why people think your clothes are tacky and cheap looking. Because you are TRYING WAY TO FREAKING HARD. So hard that you took a gorgeous, gothic lolita / Alice In Wonderland inspired cardigan and turned it into a fucking joke. Do I sound like I've gotten a little carried away here? Maybe I have . . . but Forever 21, if you're listening, SERIOUSLY. Knock it off with the rhinestone buttons, the obnoxious back bows, the unnecessary and poorly made crochet panels on everything and IN GENERAL if a trim needs to be GLUED ON then a garment could probably do without it. Rant: Fin.

Fortunately, buttons are an easy thing to fix. And even more fortunately, I've got a stash 4 mason jars full of vintage buttons just sitting around in my craft area waiting to be used. My first pick would have been these STUNNING green glass and gold leaf buttons. Alas, I only had 5 of them and the cardi needed 8. New mission: Find a 5 button black cardi . . . I can't bear to keep these gorgeous little things in a jar any longer!

I considered using some teeny, natural mother of pearl buttons but eventually decided on these gorgeous black ceramic beauties. They're etched with a bit of an astro-star pattern so I think they're probably circa 1960's, but with the way I buy buttons (typically in Granny's original jar for $2 at a flea market) I can never be 100% sure. Gorgeous, they are . . . however old!

And thus, my cardi finds its happily ever after.


kat said...

what a great idea swapping these out! looks great.

Camels & Chocolate said...

Why, oh why, am I not crafty and talented like you? You make it look so effortless! Be my stylist? Pretty please?

HollyLynne said...

Thanks guys!!! Kristin, a stylist is the last thing you need. You always look pretty darn fantastic on your own :)