Monday, July 6, 2009

Vegas! Which perhaps may be hazardous to your health.

Boy and I are back from Vegas! We flew out on Friday and stayed 2 nights at the Luxor. On the agenda:

Hanging out by the pool:

Dinner and drinks (twice!) at our new favorite place in Vegas, Nine Fine Irishmen. I have been in many a pub and I think I can say with pretty reasonable authority that this one is damn near authentic. There were three kinds of mashed potatoes on the menu. They had Guinness AND the special anniversary edition Guinness 250. They had an Irish step dancer, which I can't say I've seen in any actual pub, but which rocked pretty hard nonetheless (Sidenote: Boy and I agree that any daughters of ours are going to take Irish step dancing instead of that pansy ballet BS):

Kiddie games at the Excalibur Midway:

The requisite lunch at Trevi in Caesar's forum shops, along with requisite photo of the fountain:

Window shopping at Caesar's and The Venetian.

A visit to Bellagio's Warhol exhibit, which I don't have photos of because they don't let you take photos in galleries, silly.

An all out search to find the New Greatest Slot Machines Ever! since we've decided that the Star Trek ones really don't pay out anymore. And it isn't even so much the paying that we care about when playing pennies . . . we really just want lots of noises and fancy scatter bonus games. So, Star Trek: GET WITH IT. Or we will have to permanently switch our allegiance to Bagpipe Bonus. That game's music kicks ass.

It was a great time almost all the way around. On Thursday morning, I who haven't been sick in a year and a half, was feeling damn near allergic to everything. My nose was burning and my eyes were itching but I thought "I'll just get OUT of LA and away from these allergens and everything will be FINE! FINE I TELL YOU!". Of course, getting out of LA meant getting on an AIRPLANE and then checked into a hotel filled with SMOKE and AIR CONDITIONING with filters of UNKNOWN CLEANLINESS. So, basically, my sinuses were all "FUCK YOU!" and I spent most of the trip with a kleenex snuffled up against my face. See?

I made it through the first day, night and then the following day pretty seamlessly. But our second and last night in Vegas was fairly rough. Boy and I decided to drink gin and tonics because once several years ago I had a sinus infection that responded REALLY WELL to gin (I'd go into detail, but this blog isn't FEAR FACTOR or anything). This time though, 2 gin and tonics landed me in the hotel room bed demanding that boy turn off the air conditioner and get me more blankets. Yep . . . severe chills. In Vegas. When it was 102. Good times!

Fortunately my bout with the sinus infection FROM HELL didn't really get into full swing until about 11:30pm the night before we were due to leave . . . so all in all a great (and, mostly healthy!) trip!

Up next: Disneyland in 33 days! (YES, I am counting days!)


Domesticrazy said...

I hope you're feeling better by now! Sinus infections suck ass. Especially when they result in chills in the middle of Vegas. Dude.

I think I'm going to sign E up for the Irish step dancing; it sounds WAY better than the crap she's learning in her occasional dance class. They run in circles to Dora music, which kills me. It's pretty funny to hear, though. Like a herd of buffalo dressed in cute pink tutus my their mommies; except my kid. Anyway, 33 days! W00t!

Nutsy Coco said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! Minus the sinus bleck, that is. Hope you're feeling better!

organicstills said...

Oooh - I remember that previous gin episode. It did work rather well as I recall. Perhaps try copious amounts of vodka next time?