Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rat Patootie

Everyone has seen Ratatouille, right? RIGHT?! I'm very much one for cartoons and quirky kids movies in the first place. You should see my DVD collection (Labyrinth, Baron Munchausen, Sleeping Beauty, The Nightmare Before Christmas, etc.) You'd have to figure I'd like Ratatouille, but even if you aren't normally inclined towards animation I don't think anyone could help but be be blown away by the amazingly lifelike scenes of Paris in the film. Or by the gorgeous namesake ratatouille.

Traditional ratatouille is not so much in the looks department. Ratatioulle's ratatouille, however, is absolutely gorgeous. Overlapped layers of brilliantly colorful, fresh and seasonal veggies . . . baked through but not into mush. I defy anyone to look at that dish and NOT want to eat it. Kids included, most likely. I'll have to file that idea away for future reference: show kidlets movie, bake ratatouille, watch kids enthusiastically gobble up no less than 5 different veggies on one plate. Anyone with actual kid expeirence think that would work?

I found Smitten Kitchen's recipe for movie-inspired ratatouille and made a tweak or two (added cheese underneath the veg, used more tomato sauce). It was spectacular . . . beautiful, for sure, but also REALLY YUMMY. This is one for the regular Summer dinner roation, for sure!


DomestiKook said...

Just looked at that recipe the other day on her site! But as a kid there was no freaking way I would have eaten bell pepper, squash and/or eggplant. Hell, I wouldn't eat the eggplant now. blech!
Off for more birthday fun. 30 isn't as bad as I thought. hm.

Camels & Chocolate said...

That looks yum! I've never had rat patootie (I like your name better, ha--easier to spell!), but you make it look delish.