Monday, July 27, 2009


When boy and I were searching for a wedding photographer, we knew we wanted someone who could do a few out of the ordinary shots. Being total amateurs with our camera (although very eager, interested amateurs!) we didn't know exactly WHAT we were looking to have done, only that we knew we wanted at least a few shots that would elicit responses like "Woah. Never seen a wedding photo like THAT before!"

When our photographer, Jane Newman, suggested taking a few photos in infrared, and when she pointed us in the direction of a few landscape shots she'd taken that way, we knew we were going to wind up with the Best! Wedding! Photos! Ever!

Jane had a separate DSLR camera that she'd modified for IR purposes, which is clearly the way to go if one is a pro, but just a wee smidge outside of Boy and my financial reality. Shortly after we'd shelved the idea of doing any IR photography ourselves, my dad stumbled upon a Flickr group discussing use of an IR FILTER rather than an entire IR camera.

My dad and I promptly bought each other filters as gifts for the nearest available birthdays. And even though my birthday isn't for a few weeks I SCAMMED MINE EARLY!

Boy and I have taken our filter on a picnic, on a hike and to our rooftop. We haven't had any spectacular results yet . . . but we're learning. IR requires some SERIOUS sunlight, and so far I don't think we've nailed the magical combination of perfect time of day and accessible awesome subject matter (Although Boy did manage to sunburn himself while taking photos on the roof shirtless at 11am Saturday.) (Way to go, LA sun.) (And Boy. Seriously, put a shirt on.)

I'll be posting a few photos as we learn more about the technique, but here's one we both liked for starters: It is a study of a black plant we have on the rooftop, named Beetlejuice, and a wispy clouded sky. AKA, Boy messing around with the camera on the roof WITHOUT A SHIRT OR SUNBLOCK ON.

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