Monday, July 20, 2009

I suppose it is officially a hobby now

Boy and I spent all weekend hiking again!

I started out with a small hike through Fryman Canyon with a friend on Saturday morning. I'll definitely be doing that one again, in part since it is so close to home. Fryman is a quick 3 mile hike with a fairly challenging incline at the start and quite decent views at the top. The trails are nice and wide, and fairly popular too . . . so I never had that scary "OMG AM ALONE IN WOODS AND WILL BE EATEN" feeling.

On Saturday afternoon Boy and I went hiking shopping. The shoes we'd been wearing were more decorative sneakers than anything, with no real tread to speak of. We both needed sturdier shoes and a few bits of clothing and accessories like a distance pedometer (totally worth my $11.99. I can't even tell you how accomplished I feel having actual MILEAGE to claim!), a backpack and a few water bottles. The deal of the day was most certainly my new hiking shoes . . . New Balance All Terrain running/hiking sneakers at DSW for THRITY FIVE DOLLARS. Not even shitting you*.

*(Side note: Is Target, like, really expensive all the sudden? Or is it just me? I bought a steel water bottle at Old Navy for $5 and they were all THIRTEEN at Target. Not as cute as Old Navy's either.)

On Sunday we drove up to Topanga Canyon, snickering at the radio weather reports warning us to STAY INSIDE OMG IT IS GOING TO BE 110. We set out on our intended, 6.3 mile trail and were greeted immediately by a sign telling us how to ward off a MOUNTAIN LION ATTACK. Waving one's arms and yelling, apparently. But seriously, if I saw a mountain lion, DIE OF FEAR ON THE SPOT would be more like it.

I spent the next mile or so asking Boy inane questions about mountain lions like "How many mountain lions do you think live here?", "Where would you be if you were a mountain lion right now" and "How come we haven't seen any other hikers for a while? Have they all been EATEN?!" (<- No. They were all just TOO SMART to go out in 110 degree heat.)

About two miles in we decided to take the junction to Musch Trail, instead of our intended Backbone Trail. Musch was shorter by about a mile and a half, and have I mentioned it was BROILING? Also, I harbored secret hopes that Musch might be less mountain lion-y.

ALAS, I had not figured in the RATTLESNAKE factor! Musch Trail was much narrower than the backbone . . . Boy and I had to walk single file pretty much the whole way through. And the brush at the sides of the trail would have made a perfect hiding ground for armies of rattlesnakes laying in wait for hikers' ankles to bite.

We were about at the end of the trail when I mentioned this fear to Boy and he about keeled over laughing. Apparently, rattlesnakes aren't organized and they don't stage ambush attacks.

Fear of wildlife aside, I logged almost 8 miles this weekend and I'm pretty damn proud of myself. It is true . . . the whole nature thing does kind of freak me out. I'm allergic to everything. I have to bring kleenex on the trail with me. I have to wear pants, no matter the weather, because plants brushing up against my legs will give me allergic WELTS. I'm hysterically terrified of anything feral or with sharp teeth. But you know what? I've still enjoyed the hikes. And I want to do more. Longer and more difficult ones to boot. And Boy and I plan to do exactly that.


Nutsy Coco said...

Awesome new hobby! Aside from the mountain lions and rattlesnakes that is. My hubby and I were going to go hiking nearby this weekend too but rain was in the forecase so we saw Harry Potter instead :) Sadly I wasn't into hiking in LA but did have one fun hiking trip at Joshua Tree. Very beautiful!

Beans said...

Nice. They call them PUMA;s around these parts. You guys would really like geocaching. All you need is a hand held GPS.
I think you would both really like it especially since you will be out and about anyway. Check it out.

HollyLynne said...

Harry Potter! That is also on my to do list :)
Beans we've been thinking about hte geocaching for sure . . . someday we'll break down and get a gps!