Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Eggs for Dinner

It is an odd concept, for me at least. I make eggs on Saturday and Sunday mornings (with breakfast potatoes, fake bacon and toast. I go all out!). I also sometimes have a hard boiled egg as a morning snack at the office. Eggs are BREAKFASTY. They're quick cooking, high in protein and a great "meat replacement" for those vegetarians who eat them. There is really no reason they SHOULD be pigeonholed as a breakfast food, but it is hard to think of them outside their little breakfast box.

I noticed two egg recipes on Smitten Kitchen (where else?!) that seemed like excellent, quick veggie dinner options and, despite my initial reluctance, I made and loved both of them.
First up: Eggs in Tomato Sauce. This one was pretty darn freaky. You basically poach eggs in tomato sauce. Simple, but ODD. However, as usual, Smitten Kitchen's photos leaped off her site looking spectacular and defying me to dare make anything else for dinner. Seriously, go and look at those photos. I'll wait here. Spectacular looking, right? Weird or not, I had to try this one.

They were, in fact, spectacular. Boy was only two bites in when he asked me to add this recipe to the dinner rotation.

A few nights later, I tried my hand at Huevos Rancheros. Let me start by saying, flipping these buggers is HARROWING. Seriously. Put an egg on top of a cheesy tortilla then while it is still mostly liquid, FLIP IT. It takes a little practice. All of my attempts were edible, but UGLY. Seriously, not pretty.

TASTY however, that they were. I made a batch of fresh pico di gallo to garnish, along with fresh white corn cut straight from the cob and a batch of canned black beans, rinsed and doctored up with onion, red pepper, cumin and oregano. YUM. Seriously.

Both dinners were high in protein, delicious and took about 20-30 minutes to prepare. Looks like eggs can happily reside outside the box after all.

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