Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well, today certainly started off with lots of fun!

I woke up with cramps (as I keep telling you guys, not pregnant). They were especially wicked . . . as in, I PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN not to get in the car and drive to work as if all were well. But I'm not known for the soundness of my reasoning prior to 10am, so I popped a few Advil and got on with it.

About 2 blocks away from home, I thought that maybe I should turn around and go back. But at that point I'd already expended the effort to get dressed, go downstairs, get in the car and out the garage. And I figured the Advil would kick in any second.

ALAS, it did not freaking work out that way. The cramps got so bad that I though I might have to pull over and barf. As in the PAIN was so INTENSE it almost made me VOMIT.

Now, I'm pretty damn good with pain. I figure skated as a young adult, and I've landed MORE THAN A FEW double jumps on twisted ankles. I remember one knee injury that I finally broke down and went to the doctor over . . . when I asked her if I could skate on it, she marveled that I'd been WALKING on it. Meaning to illustrate that I'm not just a whiner here . . . this shit was fierce.

Seriously, people, I almost want to compose an EPIC POEM about my drive to work today, it was that much of a trial.

What the heck do you do when you wake up in that condition? Call in late? Skip work entirely? Drug yourself? With WHAT?! Help me. I'll take any and all advice here.


Beans said...

Screw work and anything else for the day. It will all be there tomorrow. Go home nice bath warm bed quiet movie. I like documentaries. I get migraines kind of like your cramps I can usually deal with them but there are times when I see stars and I cant breathe with out the jabs of pain. Feel better.

Moose said...

You should totally write an epic poem. Maybe in iambic pentameter. If I feel that way, I tend to call work and say, "Look. I'll be there later if I feel better. If not, TOUGH LUCK, SUCKAS!" Phrased somewhat more delicately.

DomestiKook said...

Do you remember I actually used to go home from school on those days? Usually sobbing hysterically and doubled over in pain? The only thing I can say is to start taking advil in low doses a few days before hand and but some of those sticky heat patch things athletes wear for muscle pain. Be prepared on those days to possibly have to go home "sick". If it keeps happening go to the doc, your hormone balance may be off.
Sorry sweets, feel better!

Nutsy Coco said...

I agree with the heat (heating pad, hot shower or bath, anything) and trying to pop some advil early. Thankfully I haven't had cramps that bad in years (and someone was nice enough to give me a muscle relaxer that time!) but migraines can kick my booty. I kept trying to work past a headache last weekend until it turned into a migraine. I ended up curled in a ball on my living room floor moaning and wishing desperately that my brain would STOP trying to push out of my skull.

HollyLynne said...

HEAT! Why didn't that occur to me!? I have a heating pad, I'm pulling it out tonight.

The other thing that oddly seems to be helping is food . . . I feel a lot worse on an empty stomach for some reason . . . Boy made me toast this morning and that was the final push that got me out the door.

Moose, that phone call is exactly the one I made this morning . . . but I'm afraid I didn't nice it up much!