Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oodles of OOTLS

Oh, hai! I'm still on a cleaning binge!

Yesterday I ticked a few more things off my list. I went through my Very Important Papers, which wasn't such a big job after all since I do it every 6 months. That way I'm only tossing year old gas bills instead of gas bills from 1998. However, the fact that in the last 6-months-ish I've taken out a mortgage, gotten married, changed my name on pretty much everything and finally found myself coerced into registering my business with the city of Los Angeles meant that there was a LOT more paper than usual. Which made me nervous, seeing as every six months I manage to ALMOST shred the title to my car and my birth certificate. Successfully averted those disasters on this run through though; all is well.

Then, for the evening portion of my organizing festivities, I started on my Downstairs Jewelry Supplies. Being mildly delusional about the state they are in, I thought this would be a one evening job. However after having sat on the sofa for FOUR FREAKING HOURS sorting teeny little beads I found myself, at midnight, being only about halfway done with the project. And also with my legs totally asleep under me. WOE.

I wrapped it up and called it a night. This afternoon I ran over to The Container Store and picked up a few more storage options . . . my thinking with this re-org is that it doesn't matter how many storage boxes I have, they will all be easy to sort through if they are categorized by type of item. All gemstones go in the gemstone boxes. All pearls in the pearl boxes. All brass findings in the brass findings boxes. So far, I have THREE pearl boxes, but lets try not to dwell on that fact.

My coins, which heretofore I had stored in baggies, will get their own storage case now. As will my strung beads, which again, I had been storing in baggies.

All will be well, damnit. Eventually.

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Nutsy Coco said...

I think containers by type are the way to go. Still a little searching, but seems the easiest. I stole that system from the woman who taught my beading class. :)