Friday, June 12, 2009


I buy a lot of shit. However, I want infinitely more shit than I buy. So all in all, I'm a fairly responsible shopper. Or, so I claim.

For example, my recent purchases include:

1) The shirt from Martin + Osa that Whoorl was lusting after for ages and finally got, but in red. Excellent sale price of $31 and change, basically 1/2 off. I have at least 4 events in the immediate future that I plan to wear it to.

2) 1,000 thread count sheets (I know! 1,000!) for our bed which Boy and I got for a grand total of $75 after a sale and rewards certificate. Bonus perk: having 2 sets of sheets settles the war we've been having wherein I want to wash our sheets weekly and Boy thinks every other week is more reasonable. Now we can just rotate them, so we wash every other week but still have clean sheets weekly. And thus, we stay peacefully married.

3) These pants from The Gap in both colors but for $15 per pair, not $35. Because they are fantastically lightweight which will be great for our sweltering LA summers. And becuase they have an interior drawstring and a sewn on button, so I'm thinking I can remove the button and use the drawstring and a belly band and PRESTO! Early maternity pants (NOT PREGNANT, just planning.)

As you can see, there is much going on in the JUSTIFICATION OF PURCHASES department. I rarely buy things that I can't justify on at least a couple of fronts. And I rarely buy things the first time I see them . . . I am much more comfortable a) waiting for a better price and/or b) waiting a week or so to see if I still want said item.

That all having been said, don't think I'm not actively considering buying at least a thousand things right now AT THIS VERY MOMENT. High on the list right now are:

1) PERFUMES. I am a perfume NUT. Currently, I'm considering buying TokyoMilk Parfumarie Curiosite in Dead Sexy because OMG look at that gorgeous bottle and OMG vanilla and wood . . . how yummy does that sound?! I ADORE woody fragrances. Also: L'Occitane's Rose Nuit du Mai because I love a good rose AND a good roll on. Or Pacifica's Lotus Garden Solid Perfume because how awesome would that be for summer travel?

2) This Infrared Filter for my camera. Our awesome wedding photographer, Jane Newman, took a few shots for us in infrared and they've easily become everyone's favorites. She has a spare camera dedicated to infrared, but a filter would be a good, low cost way to play with that type of photography.

3) Clothes for summer trips! I've got Vegas in 3 weeks and Disneyland in 2 months. I'm all set in the swimwear department, and I have some great new (Gap!) pants for vacationing, but I need fun little tank tops! Stat! Preferably something I could wear with a little jacket in the office as well. I keep running through Forever 21 on the weekends waiting for something to inspire me, but so far, nuttin'.

What have been your favorite recent purchases? What are you lusting after?


Nutsy Coco said...

Two sets of sheets was the smartest thing I ever did! I guess I always thought it was a luxury, but it's such a time saver. No waiting for the sheets to wash/dry before you can remake the bed!

Camels & Chocolate said...

I have Vegas in four weeks and Disney WORLD in one! We were so meant to be BFF ;-)

Paul said...

Nutsy: the sheets WERE worth it I think. We put them on for the first time last night and they were amaazzzinnggg. I'm spoiled for thread counts now!

Camels, AIEEE! You said Disneyworld and I twitched with jealousy. I wanna hear all about it!! I know, I know, it isn't ESTONIA or anything, but still. WANT TO SEE PHOTOS! :)

HollyLynne said...

Oh I just love when I accidentally comment on my own blog as my husband. The above was ME, obvs.