Monday, June 15, 2009


Have you met my blogfriend Moose? Via this post, she put together a multi-player, month-long home organization effort which I joined, in the general spirit of bloggy goodwill and out of a desire to have things to blog about.

Over the weekeend I tackled my closet. I did a MASSIVE closet cleanout and overhaul about a year ago when Boy and I moved in together, but since then I haven't done much maintenance at all. The closet had gotten a little unwieldy. And by "unwieldy" I mean that I think it was ready to eat me alive.

Over about 4 hours on Saturday and another 2 or so on Sunday, I took everything out and put it (almost) all back in nicely. I had considered my dresser to be a separate job which I wasn't planning to tackle this weekend, but I realized that some things in the dresser I'd rather have in the closet and vice versa, so I wound up doing both after all. Bonus!

I took a few select items to Crossroads Trading Co. and managed to sell 7 things for a grand total of $46.03. Of the remaining items, there are:

- Some things I'm going to give to my mom (since (hi mom!) she's close to the same size as I am and winds up with a lot of my barely used clothes)

- A suit, worn only once but which never fit me quite right. I am going to send it toDress For Success.

- A few items that I'm going to take back into my closet and have a re-think on, including a killer brown pvc biker jacket that I love but have never actually worn and a black blazer that I think I might wear with the sleeves rolled up.

- A few things that Crossroads told me they'd buy if I brought them back in the fall or winter, which I'll box up and save until then.

- A slew of uncomfortable but cute shoes and well worn casual clothes which I'm going to give to Goodwill

- A stack of tee shirts with really cute prints that don't fit me properly. I put them with my sewing things and will make into tote bags (<- Overly ambitious? Maybe. But I did it once before with a pirate ship print tee, which is now my favorite pool tote.)

Overall, a good mix of money-making, charity, upcycling and being a good daughter. I think so, right? If you are interested in seeing after photos of the closet, annotated in a highly detailed and probably slightly annoying, fashion, check them out on Flickr.

Up next on the organizational front: Upstairs craft supplies, downstairs craft supplies. Then on to the dreaded 2nd bedroom.


Jane said...

Wow! You did really well at Crossroads. I have never even been in there. I should check it out. My closet is your "before" picture!

HollyLynne said...

Crossroads is pretty hit or miss. As usual this time, they didn't take anything I expected them to! They will almost always take high end jeans (I had a few pairs that were so small I don't know how I EVER fit into them, so they took those off my hands). Once they took a top I'd paid $5 for and gave me $8 for it (?!) . . . but more often than not they take less than I expect them to. $46 was fine by me for this run though!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it....I sometimes get nicer stuff out of your reject bag than I find on my own at the store. Love, Mom.

Nutsy Coco said...

Looks great! I found a few cute things are Crossroads when I lived in LA.

I'm super OCD when it comes to my closet and it's rarely a mess. I also have an ongoing pile of things to give to Goodwill or Salvation Army (which is picking up in my neighborhood tomorrow so I just need to leave a bag by my door!). It's an illness ;)

Moose said...

You're an inspiration to us all. Seriously. Want to come over and do my closet next?

Beans said...

If you want something to do with all those t-shirts I could throw together a t-shirt quilt for you. Cheap.
Is is sad that my boyfriend has more clothes then me? I think he is really the girl.

HollyLynne said...

Beans, if I don't get my act together and make the totes soon, I just might send them off to you to become a quilt!

Moose: If we lived in the same city I'd totally come over and help . . . in exchange for baked goods, of course. :)

Anonymous New York said...

Wow! You really did a great job! So neat and organized!