Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Did I not mention Paris?

You know what I just realized? On this, the 3 month anniversary of our wedding? (When do you stop counting in months, by the way?) I realized that I never actually finished telling you guys all about the trip! You might think I finished, seeing as I have 40 blog posts on the subject so far. But no! I'm not quite done yet!!!

I believe I left you in Scotland.

Boy and I took the train into London, our trip being long and uneventful. We arrived and checked into The Cumberland Hotel. I was freaking-out-excited over staying at The Cumberland. On my very first trip to London, almost two decades ago, my parents and I stayed down the street from the Cumberland at the much more modest Bryanston Court Hotel (Even if you aren't a regular link clicker, click that one. It is especially embarrassing. Check out my ENORMOUS FEET (?!). Although I would dearly love to have that jacket back.)

I have memories of The Cumberland being palace-like and fancy, with DOORMEN. Although the hotel has undergone an extensive remodel recently and looks nothing like the hotel in my memory, it does still have doormen.

We spent our first night in London walking, walking, walking. Boy can read maps, which as far as I'm concerned is some kind of voodoo. Welcome and useful voodoo though. We wanted to eat dinner at Wagamama and we knew of two on the banks of the Thames near Westminster . . . so we set out on foot, finding ourselves eventually in Leicester Square at a Wagamama we hadn't known existed, but served our purposes nonetheless.

After dinner we walked some more, getting a few beautiful shots of London at night and finishing up with drinks at Blackfriars pub near St. Paul's.

We woke up early. Really, really early. Like, 4:30am. In order to get to St. Pancras Int'l for our train to PARIS. I think in the whole process of planning this trip (and chattering incessantly about it in my blog) I never really mentioned the fact that we were going to wind up in Paris. So, FYI, there was PARIS involved!!! While we were off honeymooning in Scotland, Boy's family and my parents were doing their own things about the UK. They were all planning to fly home a day after we were, so their last day, our second to last day, we decided to spend together on a last-hurrah daytrip.

We took the chunnel train (which is, seriously, SO not a big deal. You don't even realize you're underwater unless you're watching and waiting for it to happen.) and arrived at Gare du Nord with the entire day ahead of us. Boy wanted to visit the Musée d'Orsay, which we did and which was fantastic. We ate lunch there in a beautiful little cafe behind the museum's famous clock.

After visiting the museum, we waked through the Tullerie Gardens to the Champs-Élysées, where we indulged in a little shopping and gorged ourselves on Nutella filled pastries. We had time to run through the Trocadero to see the Eiffel Tower before catching our train back to London.

Since our day in Paris happened to be St. Patrick's day, exhaustion notwithstanding Boy and I thought we'd be remiss if we didn't end the night in a pub with a pint of Guinness. We went into Covent Garden and did exactly that, picking the pub that appeared to have the fewest number of patrons in furry shamrock shaped hats. We sat in the back of the pub with our Guinness and plotted the best way to go about sorting our wedding phots, because by this point we realized we were going to have an AVALANCE of jpgs on our hands.

Our last day in London passed relatively quietly. More walking . . . a stop in the National Portrait Gallery . . . cheese and onion pasties in Covent Garden for lunch . . . some light shopping. It was the perfect, low key way to end the trip of a lifetime.

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Camels & Chocolate said...

I LOVE Paris. Most Not Overrated City Ever =)

Also, I think you two are officially my favorite Internet couldn't be a cuter pair!