Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Aren't I glad THAT is done!

Last night I managed to finish organzing my Downstairs Jewelry Supplies. In an embarassingly short period of time too . . . I think I spent about an hour and a half finishing up. All that woeful dreading was for naught.

Key in finishing things up were the new modular storage boxes I picked up at The Container Store (on sale too!). I used them to FINALLY get my strung beads and coins out of baggies and into storage that keeps them safe, sorted and visable.

Remember that massive bag of "extra supplies"? I went through it and was embarassed to find FIFTY FEET of pewter chain (I thought I was out and needed to buy more), more brass headpins than I will likely need in my lifetime, and at least 300 steel earwires. It seems all I'm really running low on is intersting coinage and mabye a skeleton key or two. Ebay, here I come!

More obnoxiously annotated photos can be found in the flickr set I started for OOTLS.

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