Thursday, May 28, 2009


AIEEEE!!! My ring! My ring! I finally finished it in class last night. There are still a few more tweaks I could do to improve the prongs but my teacher told me a) those are best left to be done in daylight and b) that she could tell I was OVER IT and just to go ahead and wear the damn thing already.

The classes are each 3 hours long and it took me FOUR of them to make this ring. In the first class, I cut my ingot to make the band, drew out the band to the right width, soldered it shut, made it round, and filed the knife edge. In the second class, I made the wire for the prongs, made the tubing (the little bits that sit under the stones), and assembled the settings. In the third class I soldered the settings into the ring, filed, emery papered and polished everything. Then I took the ring home and totally farked one of the settings. So, in the fourth class, last night, I cut out the setting I'd broken, put a new setting in, placed the stones and filed down the prongs. FIN!

I have started on the next project, a cabochon, bezel set ring that I'm going to make with a stupidly gorgeous labradorite stone. I have just three classes left so I'm hoping in those three I can finish the labradorite ring and make enough headway on the rose ring so that I'll be able to finish it off at home. I'd love to take the class again, but it is SO! expensive that I don't think I can justify repeating it. There is a "Level 2" class available, but that deals in lost wax casting and I'm not sure I'm ready to (or that I even want to) bite that off quite yet.

I'm proudly wearing my ring right now! The stones are peridot and ruby (both real), Boy and my birthstones. So its a teeny, tiny family ring. It is good to know that someday soon I'll be able to make my own mother's ring! (GAH, NOT YET, jeeze NOT PREGNANT!) (But, soon ;))


Beans said...

Dumb question...
I am looking to make some beach glass pieces for the Moira and Alice shop and need to know a good place to get supplies.
Reasonably priced good quality.
I really like the gypsy stuff you do and thought it may work with bits of drilled glass instead of coins. Any help or advice would be great. Thanks and i really love the ring too.

HollyLynne said...

Hey Beans!!! is my favorite supplier. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Etsy is also a great resource for supplies, if you're interested in buying smaller quantities. I noticed your Lake Erie pendant this morning, it looks great! Can't wait to see the rest of your new line :)

Nutsy Coco said...

Congrats! It looks great! Seeing the stuff you've been making has me seriously thinking about taking a jewelry class.

Domesticrazy said...

Nice! I had no idea it took so much work to make one ring!

HollyLynne said...

Thanks, guys!! Nutsy, I have LOVED my class. The only downside has been all the expense, it isn't a cheap hobby. But I'm certain if you took one you'd really enjoy it!

D-crazy . . . everything is taking so long because a) I'm learning b) there are about 20 of us in the class so often we have to wait to have our questions answered and c) we are doing everything 100% from scratch. Like the tubing for instance . . . it took me a little over an hour to make it, but in the real world, I'd just buy it pre-made. I'd still have to solder on the prongs and whatnot, but I'd buy silver in wire, sheet and tubing instead of in an ingot. If I had to make that ring again from pre formed materials (I'd still have to build the settings, file the knife edge, etc.) it would probably take me 3 hours.