Friday, May 1, 2009

Um, OK, Gap . . .but only because it works in my favor!

Yesterday I was snooping around in the Gap sale racks and I found a really cute pair of grey pants on sale for $19.99. They were running a further 25% off all sale items and on top of that, this particular pair of pants (my size!) was an EXTRA 20% off because they were missing a button. Which is all fine and well, save for the fact that a packet of EXTRA BUTTONS was attached right next to the big red "DAMAGED!" tag. I wound up getting this pair of pants for $11.99 instead of 14.99 in compensation for the two seconds it took me to sew on one of the (PROVIDED!) extra buttons. That, my blogfriends, I call a score.

I've had a similar experience at Banana Republic . . . a silk dress marked down from $150something to $29 which, because of a missing belt (that I didn't like anyhow) and a detached belt loop (which I planned to remove anyways), I got a DOUBLE 20% discount on for a grand total of $17.40.

There is a certain Bloomingdales in town that regularly accidentally marks things as on sale for a penny and will actually GIVE YOU THE ITEM FOR A PENNY if you catch the tag. This hasn't ever happened to me, but it has to my mom. Once for a pair of Earl Jeans! I'm assuming nobody is going to be able to beat that deal . . . but let's hear you try :) What has been your best shopping find so far (due to a mismarked tag, coupon combining or a sale)?


Camels & Chocolate said...

Hmm, nope. Can't beat that--sorry!

Kmart said...

I never find sweet stuff like that.:) Well, except the 4-5 pairs of shoes and dresses I got for $4.74 at Target.

DomestiKook said...

came across a 20 pound roast at Ralphs that should have been about $140, it had a tag on it that read $.95!! I was wondering if a meat employee had mismarked it on purpose to take it home himself? When it was beeped at the register the clerk wanted to fight it and called the manager over. I won the ensuing argument and took home my $.95 roast!

Diane said...

Well, since I'm the one who got the 1 cent jeans at Bloomies I cannot beat my own record, but also at Bloomies about a month later there were a whole rack of Sass & Bide jeans at $130, except for one pair in my size marked $13. So I consider that a major score as well.