Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tudor Rose

Now that Mother's Day has passed, I can finally show you all the crazy cool pendant I made for my mom. As a child, my favorite thing to do was to "make projects" . . . meaning my mom would lay out piles of macaroni, yarn, glitter, glue, construction paper, and anything else she could get her hands on. I'd put it all together to make things that were probably pretty catastrophic, but which she praised and loved nonetheless. It didn't occur to me until I typed that out, JUST NOW, that those projects were probably the seed that led to my jewelery making today. So, THANKS, mom. And I'll bet you're glad my jewelry projects no longer involve so many dried Penne noodles.

The pendant is a Tudor Rose, which I designed, formed and forged from sterling wire. It is quite large . . . close to 3 inches across; but still light and airy because of all the empty space incorporated into the design. My mom loves it . . . and despite her history of claiming to love blobs of glued macaroni, I think she means it this time!


Diane said...

I DO love my Tudor Rose...and I also still have and treasure quite a few of your macaroni/glitter creations. This post made me teary-eyed.

Jane said...

Awe! Your mom is so sweet! The necklace is awesome!

TamaliMama said...

These two projects, the rose and the spider are beautiful! Great work.