Friday, May 8, 2009


I'm almost halfway through my silversmithing class and I have at least one Actual! Finished! Project! to show off. The spiderweb I started working on during the second class is all finished. Last time you saw it, the web was done. Now I've made and added on a spider, and a bail. I love him and think he is adorable. Boy, however, likes to remind me that 'It isn't Halloween' every time I try to wear him. Whatever.

During my most recent class, I started working on the two stone, knife edge ring project. I started with a bar of silver, sawed off of my ingot. I ran the bar through the rolling mill a few times, made a circle, soldered the circle closed, used my mandrel and mallet to make it perfectly round, then started filing until I had shaped the band into a knife edge. In our next class, I'm going to be cutting the ring open, overlapping the ends and setting 2 stones (a ruby and a peridot) in beween the band ends. All of this filing and messing with stones and whatnot is SO FREAKING COOL. It has me feeling like I'm doing acutal jeweler shit instead of messing with pliers and wire like I'm used to. I am so freaking happy I signed up for this class . . . it has been phenomenal!

Outside of class, I've been messing around with some of my own desgins and ideas. I've been designing lots of captive bead pieces; making frameworks that beads can move freely within. I've also been trying to get a plaid effect in some of my pendnats, but so far have only come up with more argyle-y looking bits.

In other news, Boy has finally gotten used to the torch and no longer flinches when he hears me firing it up anymore! Hooray for small victories!


Nutsy Coco said...

The necklace turned out great! Can't wait to see the finished ring.

Domesticrazy said...

I love the spider! And you just tell that boy that everyday is Halloween if you're spooky. (It's a line from a song-wish I remembered which one.) I can't believe how different the pendant looks from the first picture, which was cool enough to begin with. Nicely done!