Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Remodeling Things

Remember how much fun Boy and I had painting the deck? In the end, I'm REALLY GLAD he didn't bother telling me how hellacious that experience was going to be. Because if he had, I wouldn't have agreed to it, and then we wouldn't have the most awesome and fantastic summer hangout ever!

See how pretty it looks at night too!!!

The wood slat benches are actually modular . . . they stretch out into longer benches, or the backs lift up to form loungers. The little tables are also from Cost Plus and the chairs are from CB2. The first LA CB2 store opened on Thursday and it was ALL WE COULD DO not to drive down to Hollywood and visit it after work that very day. We managed to hold out unitl Saturday though, and we came home with 2 new chairs, 2 planters and a recycled metal lantern. YEA!

Boy and I finished the project off with a collection of plants . . . mostly succlents because we get a ton of direct sun up there during the day. I picked out an aloe (and named him Albert) and a lavender (unnamed, so likely to die). We already had basil and parsley plants going on the roof and I have half a mind to plant more herbs since they're so useful. But then I think about how plants usually wither and die in my presence and I reconsider. Prehaps if Boy were in charge of them . . .

We still have a plan or two for the lower deck, but the upper we consider done and we couldn't be happier with it! We've had wine, dinner and breakfast out there and all were fantastic!

Also on the remodeling front . . . you may have noticed I've been doing some amateur cleaver hacking at my blog's HTML code lately. You may have been unfortunate enough to stop by during the 10 minutes where my sidebars had stripey backgrounds, rendering them completely illegible. It is one thing to have cool ideas for your blog layout; but it is another, very sad, thing to realize that lots of your ideas suck. I feel like I'm getting close to something kinda cool looking though. Please bear with me until then!


Nutsy Coco said...

The deck looks great! It looks like a fabulous place to hang out. And your blog design is coming along beautifully! I briefly tried to do 3 columns too and wasn't up for fixing the messy results I got at the time.

Jane said...

Looking very cool. Both the blog and the deck. How about tomatoes? Don't they love the sun?

ReFabulous said...

So jealous of your deck... it looks amazing and you two should be VERY proud! Very nice. :)