Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Holiday weekend! Did everyone have a nice holiday weekend? Boy and I did! Boy's dad's side of the family threw a party for us and for Boy's cousin who is getting married in July. It was a really lovely day at the beach, veggie friendly bbq catered by a local, organic restaurant, beautiful cake which we cut with a sword (serious) . . . photos will be forthcoming as soon as my dad sends me the ones he took (hey, dad!) since I was too busy being all bride-like to take many decent photos myself.

The end of last week was a flurry of visitors. We realized that we hadn't yet had a lot of our friends over to see our condo, so we remedied that with a series of little get togethers. Lots of bruschetta was made. I've taken to making it in pretty little bites like these, using basil from our THRIVING! plant.

I'm really looking forward to my silversmithing class tonight since I think I'll FINALLY finish my faceted stone ring. It has been slow going with that ring, but I'm learning so much. I really think I could take the skills I've picked up on this project and make something of my own.

Class night has also turned into 'date with myself' night which is FUN. I have an hour between work and my class, and only about 5 minutes commute between the two. I've taken to using the extra time to get dinner by myself. If I take a book with me it feels less odd to be sitting alone; although I'll admit to having been a little freaked out the first time I tried it! After dinner sometimes I have time to stop in at CVS and buy myself a lipgloss. Then class, of course, is a lot of fun. And on the way home I can listen to 20 minutes of Loveline while I drive. I still manage to get home with enough time to hang out and have a drink with my husband before bed. Really? Wednesday is the BEST NIGHT EVER.

All in all? A lot of little things have been keeping me busy and happy!

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