Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Makings and Quakings

You can tell you’ve lived in LA your whole life when the morning after a fairly sizeable quake, you blog about BENCHES instead of, you know, the whole EARTH SHAKING thing. So, yeah . . . we had a reasonable sized quake on Sunday night. And I totally forgot to mention it. I was home by myself since Boy was out having a man dinner with his dad (In N Out Burgers. Ew.).

Honestly, it was nowhere near big enough for a full sized panic but, having been in a few VERY sizeable quakes, when the earth starts shaking I find myself just waiting for that one sickening crack. You never know when things start moving how bad a quake is going to be. It could be nothing . . . the small ones aren’t much different than the kind of swaying you’d feel in a parking garage when a truck drives by. The larger ones are capable of flinging furniture and appliances across rooms. When things start moving, it could really go either way . . . so my adrenaline goes through the roof, whether it ultimately needs to or not.

Did I mention how I was ALONE? I was sitting on the sofa making this very necklace when I started to feel . . . odd. That’s how quakes usually go down. You don’t feel shaking exactly, but sort of off balance. Then I heard our glass shower doors slamming against each other and I figured out what was up. I stood up and debated whether I should a) run and blow out the candle I had burning or b) run to turn off the oven but settled on c) fish my cel phone out of my purse. I called Boy and said “COME HOME NOW”, called my parents (dad felt it, mom didn’t) and texted a handful of girlfriends to make sure everyone was ok. Earthquake: fin.

Earlier in the weekend, Boy and I did some work on our Final! Deck! Project! We stopped by Ikea to buy a few of their great, inexpensive pillow inserts, then the awesome F&S Fabric outlet on Pico to pick out a pair of Sunbrella outdoor fabrics ($9.90 a yard!) . I spent Sunday morning cutting and sewing and now, for a grand total of about $100, we have SIX new outdoor pillows; two massive and four smaller.

Also on the making front, but of a different variety, I had a killer new idea for a necklace last night . So killer, in fact, that I got myself OUT OF BED where I was happily reading The Historian in order to make it IMMEDIATELY. I had a stash of silver plated chains I’d bought from Fire Mountain ages ago but never used. The thing with ordering supplies online is that sometimes they aren’t what you were expecting. No blame there on Fire Mountain’s part, it just happens sometimes. These particular chains were kind of cheap looking and way too shiny white silver for my tastes. I thought if I took a handful of them and BRAIDED them they’d be much more substantial. Then I blackened them with liver of sulphur to take the edge of the shiny-whiteness. LOVE!


Rachel said...

Never mind the earthquake - what on earth is liver of sulphur?? Sounds like some nasty Victorian medicine.

HollyLynne said...

It smells like a nasty Victorian medicine too!!! It is a chemical used for oxidizing silver. Very yucky stuff, but it does give a great, blackened finish.

Stephanie said...

That necklace is absolutely fantastic! I love the idea of braiding the chain.