Monday, May 18, 2009

I think I might have a slight problem

Our condo is big. I don’t want to sound like a whiny brat complaining about how big her home is, cause really, it is AWESOME and I’m really lucky, I know. But trying to decorate huge, loft like spaces can be challenging on a few fronts.

Firstly, our condo IS very loft like. And although I’m seriously so not a fan of minimal design, a space like ours really does need to be decorated fairly cleanly. I can’t do the whole wild, overgrown red damask and velvet thing I had going on in my old apartment because a) Boy would kill me and b) it would just be TOO! MUCH! In such a large space. Secondly, when you have large rooms, you can’t get away with just pressing all your furniture up against the walls because that would leave you with an ENORMOUS BALLROOM FLOOR in the center of your living room . . . not very cozy! So you’ve got to have a few pieces you can leave lolling around in the middle of your rooms to carve up the space. Thirdly, if you’re going to go with a clean look, you need lots of storage. Preferably, unobtrusive storage.

I’ve solved pretty much all of these design problems with benches. Our living room, for example, the largest and most challenging space, has THREE benches. One wood slat bench hanging out and making use of wall space in the entry area. One big puffy ottoman style bench that matches our sofa and loveseat, giving us a really cozy U-shaped seating area. And a third, brown leather bench with bad-ass nail head trim, tucked away in a corner that provides extra seating when we’re strapped for it and houses about 80% of my jewelry making supplies. Up until I got involved in torching things, I made all of my jewelry on the sofa. Preferably while watching The Science Channel.

Three benches in one room sounds like a bit much already . . . but it doesn’t end there. I have a bench in the bedroom, just opposite the bathroom door. It is a relic from my aforementioned red damask days and serves as an excellent place for me to sit outside the door and harass Boy while he’s trying to use the bathroom.

We have a fifth bench upstairs in our office that we bought as extra seating and for storage since OMG anything that stores ANYTHING is a good thing for us to have in the office. Seriously. We have So! Much! Stuff! up there.

And then . . . moving on to our newly redone deck, things start to get a little pathological. You’ve seen our two convertible benches in the upstairs area of the deck. And, as a wedding present, Boy’s mom just bought us yet another bench for the lower deck. This new bench might be our favorite. Boy and I both like it because it’s just a tad too long. Probably like a foot too long . . . therefore WEIRD! and AWESOME!

Bringing our grand total to: 8 benches.

On one hand, they’re really super-functional. Lots of our family (and Boy’s side is LARGE) live in the LA area, so it isn’t uncommon for us to have 8 or 10 people over for dinner at one time. The extra seating can be REALLY handy in some of those situations. On the other hand . . . it IS a little pathological, isn’t it?

Do you ever get stuck on repeat on the decorating front too?


Nutsy Coco said...

I say, if it works, stick with it! You really can't beat something that's functional and looks nice. I was realizing yesterday that I'm stuck in color scheme when it comes to my favorites - browns, creams, greens, blues - but I love them and their earthy tones!

Jane said...

I have too many chairs. I can't seem to part with any of them. My hubs would say I have too many pillows, but he's ignorant about such matters.

HollyLynne said...

Nutsy, your favorite colors are all in your blog layout! :)
Jane, AGREED. No such thing as too many pillows!

Rachel said...

Black and white pictures, black frames....

But you're out of my league with 8 benches!!