Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To Conwy

If you know me on flickr and twitter you probably already know that we got our professional wedding photos back yesterday! We LOVE them and I'm going to share my favorites and talk about the wedding in my next post. For now though, it seems to me I left you all at Hampton Court . . .

. . . We woke up the morning of the 9th and all piled into a van headed for London Euston station. This was our first big train trip as a group (8 of us!) and I was really concerned about getting everyone to the appropriate platforms on time and keeping the party together and whatnot. We managed it though!

We took one train to Chester then had to switch for our teeny, 2 car train to Conwy. Conwy is a "request stop" meaning they don't stop the train there unless you physically ask the conductor to, which we ALL did, thereby annoying the heck out of the poor guy, I'm sure!

We finally (and fairly painlessly, it must be said) arrived in Conwy only to remember that the station has no lift. Roughly 45 minutes later when we'd all dragged our bags and selves up the flight of stairs to the town, we got ourselves checked in to the Castle Hotel and were officially IN WALES!

We had a quick lunch at one of the local pubs and did a bit of walking through the picturesque, walled medieval town. We had dinner (as we did every night) at the hotel. Dinner the first night was just the tip of a magnificent iceberg. The food at the Castle Hotel is TO DIE FOR. Even for vegetarians! The first night I had Carrot and Coriander soup, Butternut Squash Ravioli and the most insanely amazing Passion Fruit Tart ever. The thing had a creme brulee top and came with a dark chocolate cup filled with pineapple ice. That desert alone is worth going to Wales for. Have you booked your trip yet? I'm waiting!

The next morning, our WEDDING MORNING! EEP! We woke up and the weather looked like this. Oddly, I was really calm about the whole thing. I kind of like gloom anyways, and while I had hoped for at least a lack of ACTUAL RAIN on my wedding day, I was so exited I honestly didn't care much one way or the other.

We went down to the castle for our tour. Our guide, Neil Hilton, was absolutely amazing. He gave us so much background and history. His tour really brought the castle to life for us! We learned all about medieval building methods and what Edward I was trying to accomplish by building so many castles in Wales and, mostly, about all the gruesome ways we would have died had we been medieval invaders attempting to raid the castle. Good thing for us we just wanted to get married there!

And then . . . I ran back to the hotel to get ready! Which is another post!!!

Slightly off topic, but my first metalworking class is tonight and I'm SO FREAKING EXCITED! I'll tell you guys all about it, promise!

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