Friday, April 24, 2009

Planning Trips!

Because I've been back from my wedding, and the trip of a lifetime, for a WHOLE MONTH already and I'm starting to go a little stir crazy.

But really.

Boy and I typically go on vacations for our birthdays, his in July and mine in August. Its a total yuppie, childless-couple kind of thing to do , I know. But since we're hoping by next year to be not so childless (and therefore, POOR), we decided we HAVE to do our birthday trips. No matter how extravagant they may seem sandwiched into the same year as The Big Ass Wedding Trip. Because in all likelihood we won't be doing them again until we are 60 (Sob).

Boy's July birthday is near enough to July 4th that we usually take advantage of the associated long weekend. One year we did Palm Springs and rode the Ariel Tramway, which was a lot of fun, but totally sweltering. Most years since then we've opted for a Vegas trip instead, just to up the sweltering quotient. On our first trip to Vegas together was jointly for Boy's birthday and my friend Tara's wedding. We stayed at the Sahara, a hotel-going experience that kicked off our VEGAS RULES. The rules being as follows: 1) Do not stay in the cheapest hotel you can find, because it will smell funny; 2) Do not drink anything served in a yard long container; 3) The Monorail kicks ass.

On subsequent, non-birthday related trips we have stayed at the Tropicana which was cute and old-Vegas-y with a great pool, but noisy; and the MGM Grand West Wing which was 100% perfect and fabulous in every way, but is pretty overpriced during the high season and weekends.

For our trip this July we tossed around several options (Ballys, The Hilton, The Monte Carlo) but finally decided on Luxor because of the great rate we found there and for the cheese factor of sleeping in a glass pyramid. Go, cheese!

For my birthday, we always always always go to Disneyland because I'm really a 4 year old in an almost 30 year old's body. Also, because it is my Biiirrrthhhhdayyyyyy. Ever since we got engaged at there, we've taken to staying over in a hotel for at least one night and having the full immersion Disney experience. Is staying at a hotel in Anaheim 42 miles away from our home an absurd, yuppie extravagance? Why, YES, it is. But honestly, people, there is nothing more anticlimactic than getting all sneakered and sunblocked for Disneyland then having to sit in traffic on the 5 freeway for 2 hours. Likewise, there is little more depressing than spending a glorious day at the park only to have to fight your way out of the parking lot and DRIVE ALL THE WAY HOME that night.

When we got engaged, we stayed at the Courtyard Marriott which was beautiful and really spoiled us with its TWO ROOMS and awesome breakfast. The hotel was a gift from Boy's mom though, and just outside our normal budget parameters (even yuppie trips need some semblance of budget!). The second time we stayed over at Disneyland we stayed one night at the Holiday Inn, Anaheim Resort Area which was really comfortable and clean (with an awesome videogame room!), but a bit further away from the park than we would have liked.

This year though? I think we might have found the perfect Disneyland hotel for us. We reserved a room at the Anabella which is directly across the street from the California Adventure side of the park (we can walk to the Disney complex, cutting through the Grand Californian Hotel in about 5 - 10 minutes). We got ourselves a 2 room suite at an amazing price and the hotel has TWO pools, one for adults only. Best of all, since I've been putting all of our wedding and condo expenses on our Disney Visa card, I'll have enough points by August for Boy and I both to get Southern California Deluxe Annual Passes for FREE! FREE! I know!

When I was small we had annual passes to Disneyland for several years; I think one year we went something like 40 times. But still, to this day, I can't remember ever having been to the park two days IN A ROW. It's been sort of a dream of mine since childhood. On this trip we're get our passes the night we check in to our hotel so we can technically go to Disneyland THREE DAYS IN A ROW. I'm positively giddy just thinking about it. No, really, I might keel over with excitement. I should probably stop talking about it now.

Are you going on a summer vacation this year? Where to?


Camels & Chocolate said...

OMG emailing you now! Too much to discuss on blog comment!

Domesticrazy said...

We'll be going up to Lake Erie for my sister's wedding. She's getting married September 5th, so we have to stay at the hotel for 3 days, but it's in a state park so we're GREAT with that. We were going to go back down to a cabin at Hocking Hills, but can't quite swing both with maternity leave and new baby. Our official "vacation" will be maternity leave. Not as relaxing as you might think...

Enjoy all that fun traveling while you can! You can still do it with a Wee or two, it's just more about them after they arrive. Still fun, though!

Nutsy Coco said...

Fun! I stayed at the Luxor when I went for my 25th birthday. And I'm a loser, I never made it to Disneyland. Horror of horrors, I'm just not a huge fan. My two closest friends in my wedding party had their honeymoons at Disney World though so I know all about the Disney frenzy! :) Chris and I will be making our annual summer trip to Indian Lake with his family and I really want to get away to Hocking Hills (can't believe Domesticrazy mentioned it too!) for a day of hiking after we move. Then hopefully a bigger honeymoon trip before we begin our baby adventure!