Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I've been trying out new ideas in the kitchen a lot lately, which I think is because of all the awesome new cookware we've acquired (Hot Damn! Getting married rules!). My little spree could also have to do with the fact that the mercury in LA is rising around the 100 degree mark pretty regularly lately, and once things top 105 or so cooking is more or less impossible. I'm trying to get some extra in now!

In the last few weeks I've made Guinness Chocolate Mousse (which I took from the Irish Pub Cookbook by Margaret M. Johnson, but which was more or less the same idea as this recipe), at least two Apple Crisps, Smitten Kitchen's Potato Gratin, A Smitten Kitchen inspired Zucchini Julianne Pasta, and (the real kicker) a big pot of Irish Onion Soup. What is Irish Onion Soup, you ask? It is French Onion Soup, but more awesome because it is IRISH and contains Guinness instead of wine and Irish Cheddar instead of Gruyere. Are you drooling yet?

I adapted the soup from this recipe with a few modifications. Firstly, since I watch Good Eats and have learned much from my Jedi Master, Alton Brown: I did not add salt to the onions while they were caramelizing (as salt makes vegetables leak water and water inhibits browning) and instead, I tossed the onions with a tablespoon of sugar. I did add the salt, as well as a goodly handful of black pepper and double the amount of fresh thyme called for, at the same time I added the Guinness. I used vegetable broth, natch, and my total onion count was 2 lbs of sweet onions (minus one I saved from the bag) and 2 big purple onions. I omitted the vinegar as vinegar makes me gag. Instead of French bread I went with Sourdough and since I had some lying around, my cheese was technically white Canadian cheddar, not Irish. Lastly, I didn't fidget with individual bowls because my brand spanking new Le Creuset French Oven is 100% oven-proof. Also: It is red and awesome.

Probably not the best thing to cook on a 99 degree day, right? But it was delicious. Boy was mighty impressed!


Jane said...

Yum! I couldn't agree more about cooking when it gets this hot. BTW, love your new little picture that goes with comments.

Anonymous New York said...

Love the new blog! I have that Le Creuset pot, too, in red. It is fabulous and pretty. :-)