Friday, March 27, 2009

Moving Along

The day after the super-awesome dress photo session, we spent some time reviewing the photos, squealing when we saw really good ones, and repeatedly telling Boy that he was "NOT ALLOWED TO SEE!!!". It was all very, very mature.

We spent the Sunday touring the palace. We spent a lot of time checking out Hampton Court's Tudor Kitchens. The kitchens are just next to our Fish Court apartment, which was the master pastry chef's quarters in Tudor times. While chatting with the Tudor Cooks (who are actually all food historians!) we found out that this was because the apartment, being close to the ovens and fires downstaris, was usually quite warm; an asset when working with sugar. My parents have stayed in that apartment something like TEN TIMES without ever knowing that little gem of information. So needless to say it was really cool chatting with the cooks and learning all sorts of neat things!

Boy, his dad and I went down to the Tiltyard Cafe on the palace grounds, where we'd been told they had historic food for sale. Boy and his dad each got Wild Boar and Sausage Casseroles. I got a cheese and onion stuffed potato and tried not to vomit. But really . . . the Tudor Cooks work hard on recreating recipes for Palace visitors and it must've been kinda cool to taste something historic like that! I only wish the Tudors had been a little more vegetarian friendly ;)

We had dinner that night at Hamptons Restaurant at the Mitre Hotel, across from the Palace, then rounded up the evening with a truly awesome GHOST TALK given by our good friend Ian: Hampton Court's resident paranormal expert! Our palace friends Malcolm and Denise came out for the talk as well, and brought thier wedding photo album to share! They were married at the Palace, in Henry VIII's Tudor chapel! Ian's talk added so much to our experience, and especially to Boy's family's experience as they'd never been to the Palace before! It was a truly fantastic addition to our say at HCP.

So . . . notice how we're three blog posts in and NOT EVEN IN WALES YET?!?! I warned you guys: its going to be a LOT to tell back!


Laura said...

You have "Palace friends." I just LOVE that:-D

Keep the commentary coming, you're my lifeline to having "palace friends" of my own.

HollyLynne said...

Oh my gosh, it never even occured to me but wow, "palace friends" that sounds so posh! I'll have to be more careful about tossing that phrase out there in conversation! :D