Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The First 48 hours or so

I spent the night before we left for the UK doing all manner of totally unnecessary things around the house. Like scrubbing out the freezer. I'd done so much of my packing and work so far in advance that I was more or less ready to go . . . but I couldn't sit around just waiting to leave because that would make me ANXIOUS!

Around 9pm I pulled out my jewelry bag from my suitcase, just to make sure everything I needed was in there, and discovered the QUEEN MOTHER OF ALL TANGLES in my wedding necklace. I worked on it for a while but when it became obvious that I was going to cry before managing to unkink the knot, Boy took over. I fell asleep in a pile of clothes on the bed and he stayed up until 1am working on the necklace instead of packing. If I hadn't known he was a keeper before, that pretty much settled it.

I managed to get myself manicured and out the door with minimal pain and suffering the day of our flight. Waiting at the airport is never fun, but we were so excited to FINALLY be off that we managed to make the best of it.

Then, the flight. While I doubt there's any way for a 10 hour flight to ever be GOOD, this one had more than its share of downs. We DID get bulkhead seats which was a MASSIVE FREAKING SCORE! However, the airline managed to "forget" about my vegetarian meals somehow . . . and while its not like I was flying for the fantastic food, I'd kinda been hoping for SOME kind of dinner over the course of those miserable 10 hours. Its not like I could nip out and buy a sandwich, you know?!

Our stewardess flat out told me that the online booking system messes up meal reservations all the time (!), then offered to bring me "extra salad" (four leaves of white lettuce and a slice of tomato, I'd need 18 of them to even approach "meal" status). She walked away and I lost it, just started bawling. Boy immediately took over, there's no way to describe it other than to say he went into husband mode. He asked if I was getting my period (yes) and immediately said "Thats not why you're crying, I know" (it was) and proceeded to guilt the stewardess into giving us free drinks by telling her we were newlyweds. Then I found a box of Cheez-Its in my purse and all was more or less well with the world again.

When we arrived at Hampton Court Palace, Boy's family (all but his dad) were already there. For those who haven't heard this spiel before, my parents rent an apartment inside the Tudor section of Hampton Court every year through the Landmark Trust. We took the bus into Kingston for ATMs and groceries then went out to dinner that evening at the newly redesigned Prince of Wales with our friend Trevor from the Hampton Court custody staff and his wife, Jackie. Veggie sausages and mash and a pint of Guinness later, we were good as new! Then off to bed since I had plans to wake up early the next morning for a little wedding dress tryout . . .


Anonymous New York said...

Aw! So sorry about the airline snafoo! At least you had cheese-its and some drinks. Can't wait for the next installment!

Domesticrazy said...

Being a veggie is sometimes such a strange thing. You are held hostage by other people's tastes...it shouldn't be so difficult to get something without dead in it, you know?

Hooray for Paul and his mode. Free drinks was a bonus! Give him a hug for me, even though I don't know him, just because he rocked so hard in that moment. Glad things got better as the trip continued, and can't wait to hear more!