Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Morning Confessions

You totally wanted to talk about my wedding, right? OK!

I decided a few months ago that I hate my wedding dress. No, really. I have been sitting on this idea, keeping it entirely secret ever since. I've been surreptitiously looking at other wedding dresses online. Mostly at J. Crew. Mostly the one with the pockets. Which really is insanity since: a) I would freeze my ass off in that dress b) its silk and cotton and would wrinkle to high hell in my suitcase and c) IT IS TWENTY FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS MY GOD! (Yes, I know, in terms of wedding dresses $2,500 is not bad; but spending that kind of money on a dress I will wear once and surely ruin in that one wearing is not for me. Just . . . no.)

So I've got this gnawing doubt in the back of my head as I schlepped myself over to Hollywood for my final fitting yesterday but, LO! I love my dress again. Which is fortunate since all told I have spent a shit ton of money on it. Not $2,500, but it wasn't FREE, you know!

Not only do I love my dress, I love the coat I will have to wear over it. Most of my doubts had centered around my coat. I bought it via Craigslist from a bride in Utah. It had fur at the collar and cuffs . . . v. Kate Hudson / Almost Famous looking. I have several coats in that kind of style and I love them all . . . but in all white, floor length, and with me being only 5'5" on my toes . . . well, wearing it was kinda like being eaten by a Muppet. So I had my (awesome) tailor rip off all the fur, reshape the collar, and chop the sleeves to 3/4 length. And then immediately thereafter I began SERIOUSLY doubting my decision.

I'm pleased to announce though that ALL IS WELL and I love the coat, how the coat fits with my dress, the jewelry I've made (the second set, I scrapped the first pieces I made), the makeup . . . the only thing I don't actually love so far is my hair and I'm just going to have to wait until its cut on the 21st to begin stressing in earnest over that.

So . . . the moral of this weekend: YAY! I am not going to psychotically buy another wedding dress at the last moment. Hurrah for my apparent sanity.


Domesticrazy said...

Weddings are right up there with pregnancy and the entire teenage decade as far as crazy decisions being made. I'm so glad you fell back in love with your stuff! And as long as your hair is not standing on end, which would still be very cool for the photo angles alone, you will be gorgeous for your day. And the next day, you will be relaxed and sane again!

Sending calming hugs your way...

Nutsy Coco said...

Yay!! I can't wait to see what it all looks like together. And a wedding wouldn't be a wedding without a little craziness :)

Anonymous New York said...

Thank goodness you are back in love with your dress! We all have those "did I make the right choice" moments with the wedding and, as long as you're not re-thinking the GROOM, you're ALL GOOD. :-)

Looking forward to seeing pictures!!

Camels & Chocolate said...

Weeee! Can't wait for the pics! I love that you're going to wear a coat--it's so you! (said like I know you in real life, ha, though I do feel like I know your fashion style!)

*jcg said...

I think you made a good choice!