Monday, February 9, 2009

Its amazing all the great things I can force into the category of "Wedding Expense"

Like, for instance, skincare products. I have been operating under the assumption that anything I buy for my skin at this point is a "Wedding Expense". What fun! Two products that I've bought recently have been so spectacular that I really think it would be unkind of me to keep them to myself.

1) Philosphy's Microdelivery Peel: I got a 3 use sample packet of this during a Sephora skincare promotion and the first use totally floored me. I've never used an exfoliant quite like it. The first step involves massaging crystals into the skin, but there is very little actual scrubbing going on . . . the real peeling happens when the second, acidic product is placed on top of the crystals. You'd think since I'm throwing around words like 'acid' and 'crystals' that this might be a chemically, harsh peel but it SO ISN'T. Firstly, it smells like fresh oranges . . . literally as if you were peeling a real live orange. Secondly, its truly gentle. I'm used to using everyone's favorite drugstore scrub and while that product does leave my skin softer and brighter, it also leaves it red and tender. The Microdelivery Peel doesn't irritate my skin one bit, and it does an even better job of getting rid of my scaly patches than the more abrasive stuff does.

2) Osea Hydrating Oil: A friend who works at a spa brought me a bottle of this as part of a sampler and while I was apprehensive about putting oil on my face, I was also in the middle of a severely dry winter skin spell and, lets be honest, kinda desperate. I quickly discovered that this stuff does NOT make me break out and that, when used under my regular moisturizer, it boosts the overall effectiveness by, like, 1000% (v. scientific number, that.) Also, not to sound completely insane, but the Corrective Oil is pretty much the best spot treatment ever. I'm not kidding.

So, ANYWAYS, I had my bachelorette party last Friday! It was perfect, exactly what I'd wanted. Although, I suppose that isn't entirely true because what I REALLY wanted was NOT to have a party at all (!) but I'm very glad that my dear friend Catie talked me into it (ok, hounded me into it) because I had a FANTASTIC time. We had wine and snacks, I was forced to wear and absurd hat, and I left with a hysterical assortment of lingere. Fun!


Nutsy Coco said...

Fun! See, good friends throw you the type of bachelorette party they know you like :)

Jane said...

Glad you had fun! Can.not. wait. to see wedding pics!!