Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I haz a stand mixer!

Which is how you can tell I'm married. Only married people have stand mixers.

The office shower was fantastic. I work with the most amazing people! They all pitched in and got me the aforementioned stand mixer, our kick ass glass and steel retro blender, our wooden platter and plates and both of our slate cheese boards from Crate and Barrel, and our KNIVES! We also nabbed our waffle maker, stemless wine glasses, LOTS of fun Fiestaware. AND they bought me a red velvet cake. Which, c'mon, that is AWESOMENESS right there. Squee!

And if that wasn't enough? We came home to find a second blender on our doorstep (which I'm giddy at the prospect of being able to exchange for EVEN MORE kitchen stuff!!!) and later in the evening a Crate and Barrel delivery man showed up with our tea/coffee tumblers.

Damn, getting married is fun!

PS: My parents are boarding a plane for the UK . . . RIGHT NOW. As in they are currently LEAVING FOR MY WEDDING.


Laura said...

How completely awesome for you! You have exceptional taste- I love your blender. Oh, yeah, and everything else.

Yep... gettin' hitched and all is just a barrel of monkeys ain't it:-))

DomestiKook said...

Oh Holly, I am so happy for you! It is so exciting to think that one of my very first friends from high school,(which seems like a lifetime ago!)is taking such an important step and is so very happy. I wish I could be there to help you celebrate your most special of days. I wish you all the happiness in the world and know my thoughts and my love are with you, your boy and your family on your big day!

Oh yeah, stand mixers rock!:)

Nutsy Coco said...

How fun! Kitchen stuff is awesome to get. And how exciting that your parents are leaving already!!

Brenda said...

You are so going to love your mixer.... that's if you like making cookies.... I would kill someone if they tried to take my mixer away.

Beans said...

First Christmas together Mike got me a Kitchen Aid mixer. I knew at that moment I was going to marry the man. 5 yrs later no ring but I still have the mixer and he loves it when I make cookies.