Friday, February 6, 2009

Guinnesss and Bailey's Cupcakes

I have ONE cupcake recipe. It is reliable. I like it for that. I don't usually stray from it because when I do, the results are kind of meh. And while I've been known to decorate my cupcakes rather festively, the fact is: chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing is pretty much it for me.

However, since the ENTIRE INTERNET has been buzzing about Smitten Kitchen's Chocolate, Whiskey and Beer Cupcakes, it was with great trepidation that last night, I strayed from my norm.

I fucked up almost immediately. The batter recipe is a bit fidgety and I got ahead of myself and dumped the flour into my chocolate/butter/Guinness mixture instead of mixing it in its own bowl with the other dry ingredients. I decided to handle this by opening another Guinness for myself, dumping the entire remainder of the batter ingredients into the chocolate mixture, turning my beaters up to high and hoping for the best. I did wind up with something mostly batter like, and I baked it. It seems to have suffered no ill effects.

I skipped the whiskey ganache bit . . . filling cupcakes is just too much of a fidget for me. But sometime I think I might make whiskey ganache on its own. To eat. With a spoon.

The icing worried me. Its basically just butter and powdered sugar, and I wasn't quite sure it would wind up being edible. I should have known . . . butter + sugar = pretty much the best thing ever. And when you add Bailey's? I'm not sure how I've lived so long without this stuff.

I made a double batch of icing since I wanted enough to cover the cupcakes entirely. If anyone is keeping track, that means I used an entire pound of butter making a batch of 24 cupcakes. Makes you nauseous, doesn't it? Also: HUNGRY.

By the time the cupcakes were cool enough for decorating, I'd been hitting the Guinness pretty hard for an hour or so, so I decided to skip my fancy pastry bag in favor of spreading the icing with a butter knife. I dressed them up with a bar of hazelnut chocolate that I grated using a plain old cheese grater. I'm pretty stoked with the gold cupcake papers as well, how cute are they?

I brought 12 of these into the office for my boss' birthday today (please, universe, don't let anyone get drunk on them. I'd like to remain employed.), the remainder are for my BACHELORETTE PARTY tonight! Yep, Bachelorette Party. I will take photos. Some might even be safe to post.


Camels & Chocolate said...

I'll be waiting for my FedEx package with one of these bad boys in it. When should I expect it? ;-)

merrymishaps said...

Now I'm really craving cupcakes!

Nutsy Coco said...

There has been entirely too much posting about cupcakes lately in the blogs I read and now I'm seriously craving cupcakes!

Have a great time tonight! I had a great time at my party. Sometime I should post about the incredible challenge of finding a condom from someone in Columbus.

Domesticrazy said...

OK, I find out the gender next week, on the 13th. Which means that everyone, including you, must have misinformed by me about the date of my appointment.

With pregnant brain, you can go to work without your pants on!

Those cupcakes look damn fine, and I don't like Guinness. I do like Bailey's. And I loves me some cupcakes. I hope you had a blast last night! Hooray!

TamaliMama said...

These look so yummy, I wish I could pick one right off your page! My hubby LOVES guiness so maby I will make him some.
P.S i saw you liked the Twilight book series, you should try the Bitten series by Kelley Armstrong! Thanks for the comments on my blog!