Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Only if you ask "The Man"

Boy and I are now legally husband and wife! We had a fantastic trip. Our room was in the MGM Grand's West Wing, which I cannot recommend enough. The room was gorgeous; very modern and clean. The closet might have been my favorite part: A mirrored panel in the wall hiding a HUGE space, big enough for both of our suitcases. A hotel room feels much more like home to me when I don't have piles of luggage lying around. All of the lights were on dimmers, there was a flat screen TV embedded in the bathroom mirror, and the bed, SO COMFORTABLE! We actually considered stealing the pillows. Maybe best of all, the West Wing is tucked away in a quiet corner of the hotel and can be accessed via a hidden little lounge. Quiet! In Vegas! How novel and wonderful!

We gambled a little and shopped a bit more. On our first night we had dinner at Trevi in Caesar's Palace, one of our Vegas favorites. The following morning we got up early to catch breakfast at the Las Vegas Hilton, followed by playing of the Nerd Machines (ie: Star Trek and Star Wars). Then we took a cab downtown to the Marriage License Bureau (!). And that evening we got married at the Excalibur Wedding Chapel (!!!).

While neither of us consider this to have been our "real" wedding, it was as perfect as we could have hoped it would be. We had a chance to talk with our pastor before the ceremony, and he did a beautiful job of designing a really personal civil ceremony for us, entirely on the fly. And he neatly left out the ring exchange, which we're saving for our wedding in Wales. Boy and I, being music geeks of the highest order, had brought along several CDs of possible "down the aisle" music. The chapel, however, had a sound system with only 10 choices of built in music. So . . . we walked down the aisle (yep, together) to Rod Stewart, which was adequate, we think ;) After the ceremony, we went back to our room to enjoy the champagne and strawberries that Boy's family sent for us. Then, on to dinner! We chose Circo at The Bellagio. The food was amazing, and the setting was GORGEOUS! They reserved us a table right at the window, overlooking Bellagio's famous fountains.

And since I'm sure you're all dying to hear what I did on the perfume front, I changed my mind at the last minute (I'm sure regular readers could've predicted that one!). On Saturday afternoon Boy and I went to Sephora and found a far more "bridal" perfume for me . . . Bvlgari's Jasmine Noir. I still love the Bergamot Lemon, but its more for everyday (as in right now, since I'm wearing it :)). Jasmine Noir is headier, more formal and absolutely delicious!

As for the question I keep getting: Nope! Don't feel any different! While this ceremony is important for legal reasons, Boy and I honestly don't consider it to have been our real wedding. It was a chance for us to get away before all of the real craziness starts, and a nice little break considering all the work we've been doing on our condo. As for nerves, I had none. We were happy, a little giddy, and excited. I had worried that I might cry during the ceremony, but I was so elated that I didn't even come close. I almost giggled at one point, but I held it together pretty well . . . which was good practice for Wales, methinks!


ReFabulous said...

"Real" wedding or not, how exciting for you two! I know I'M excited for you! Congrats and many blessed years to you both. :)

Anonymous New York said...

Congrats! Glad you had a fun and relaxing time! :-)

merrymishaps said...

You guys are too cute. Congrats!

Domesticrazy said...

OK, what Rod Stewart song?

Also, where to find The Man's catalog?

You might have told me, but pregnant brain gets worse as you go on.

Also: very, very happy you are legal. VERY VERY excited for the real wedding! And photos of said wedding! And I love the MGM, having never been to Vegas, if I ever go, that is where I will stay.


HollyLynne said...

Thank you, guys!! Just seven more weeks until we leave for Wales. I'm STUNNED by how fast our engagement has flown by!

Dcrazy . . . "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You". It was the best we could do with limited means! Boy's (sorry, MAN's) justification was that Rod Stewart had been in The Faces . . . and I agreed based on the loose connection to The Small Faces. Which . . . yeah, NERDS!

Our first choices were "Priceless" / Jealous Sound (on Boy's label) or "Sunday" / Jimmy Eat World. Why yes, I suppose we ARE Emo-saurs :)

Boy's label:

Jane said...

That sounds like such a fun get away! I am going to have to check out the west wing of MGM. We stayed at NY NY and hated it. The roller coaster went past our room round the clock! That screaming really got on our nerves. SO looking forward to your real wedding recap!

Laura said...

How incredible! After reading your recap, I think that a pre-wedding, wedding without stress or nerves sounds like a wonderful plan!

Your trip and your time together sound so romantic and just about as great as any "real" wedding should be! (It was real!) Congratulations!

Beans said...


Nutsy Coco said...

How exciting and congrats! I can't wait to hear about the "real" wedding which I can't believe is only 7 weeks away. And I can't believe that I've already been married for 2.5 months. WHERE does the time go??? Honestly, if someone could tell me, I'd go visit and grab some of it back.

Domesticrazy said...

OK, I agree with the Faces connection. Nerds, we are with ye.

Camels & Chocolate said...

That is just way too much pretty for a mere photo.