Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh, hey! I've got one of these BLOG thinggies!

HELLO!!! I'm back!

I've been back, in all fairness. For DAYS now. But I've been trying to avoid the internet, a/k/a "The Great Timesuck", since boy and I have been working our arses off on the wedding and our condo.

RECAPS! There will need to be lots of recaps. Lets start with a nice, low-impact one. Involving lots of photos.

Boy and I spent Christmas eve and day with my parents in LA. Of this there are no photos, just imagine lots of mashed potatoes.

Late in the evening on Christmas day we took the red-eye to New Hampshire to visit boy's mom. Boy's siblings and their girl/boyfriends were there as well, so we had quite the full house! We celebrated Christmas on the 26th then spent several days antiquing, outlet shopping, cooking and related face-stuffing, and we even managed to squeeze in a super fun (although FRIGID) daytrip to Boston.

Snow. What can I even say? This is clearly not something I'm accustomed to. New Hampshire did me the courtesy of not actually DROPPING snow until the day we left, which was nice. There was quite a lot of it on the ground though, and I learned pretty early on NOT TO STEP IN IT. The cold was abominable. One day, I wore two pairs of pants! It was an interesting change of pace though, to say the least . . . and an excellent opportunity to drag of a few of my winter coats!

Promised upcoming recaps: What I got for Christmas! Condo nesting fun! Curtains I have sewn and loved!


Camels & Chocolate said...

OK, I was thoroughly confused when I saw your WC pic with snow in the background and then even more so when you started off your post about your holidays in LA...then eventually, it made sense! NH must have been lovely dusted with snow!

Beans said...

damn you west coasters. I am glad you got to experience the snow though. Makes us appreciate the summer that much more.

HollyLynne said...

Ha! Camels, yes, normally there is NO SNOW anywhere in any of my flickr photos :) It was my boy and my first "combined" holiday . . .so we did LA then flew to NH for a belated second xmas. A little hectic, but lots of fun! Beans, I just might appreciate our summer a little more now too. At least until the temps are up in the 100s, by then I'm not gonna be appreciating shit. :D

Laura said...

Holy CRAP!! What a trip! (Remind me not to complain about having to drive 3 hours to visit our family!) lol!

So, for a West Coaster like yourself, you have an awfully cute little red winter coat! Score on the coat buy from LA!

As for the abominable cold, it's no stranger to Ohio either. Living here all of my life, I'm still not a fan. Did you get the true winter experience of driving on black ice? How about icicles? And slush? Did you spot any snowmen?

Sounds like a great trip for you both. Glad to see you that you made it back home safely to begin to thaw.

Domesticrazy said...

Do all your readers live in Ohio? Too weird. Glad you had a good time! I wear two pairs of pants, too. We're in the middle of a winter storm warning; ice and freezing rain with maybe a little snow. Depressing!

Can't wait to hear about the schwag!

ReFabulous said...

It's so good to have you back! And can I say I looooooove your plaid coat?!?