Friday, January 9, 2009

I should know never to do anything with a gun to my head* (*the perfume, I mean)

Whilst stalking SLynnRo on Tuesday I read that she wore a special perfume for her wedding, and that now every time she wears it, it reminds her of her wedding day. I thought: "FUCKING FANTASTIC IDEA!" However SOME OF US happen to be having two weddings, one of which is in THREE DAYS. And so those particular parties amongst us had to get their respective asses moving to the perfume counter STAT in order to have the perfume to wear for both weddings.

Oh, I didn't mention the two weddings thing? Well, yeah. We're getting pre-married in three days. SURPRISE!

For various reasons relating to our nationality and atheism, our wedding in Wales isn't going to be legal. We knew this from the start and honestly, the wedding we want to have we are totally having: In Wales, at Conwy Castle with just our parents and siblings attending. It really couldn't be more perfect for us, and if it can't be legal, SO WHAT. We're going to take the opportunity to have a prior, alternate-reality wedding: in Vegas wherein which I will wear a black dress and goth eyeliner. It's win-win, really.

So, ANYWAYS. I started my perfume search at Sephora, natch, where I narrowed my selection to only perfumes that came in mini bottles, for travel. I thought Fracas would be perfect since its such a classic, but after putting on just the tiniest bit I developed the headache from HELL and was henceforth dead to all other perfumes for the rest of the day.

Which left TODAY and today alone for shopping. I started at Jo Malone and picked two fragrances which I thought might work: 154 and Amber & Lavender. I sprayed one on each arm and walked away to run another errand. Promptly thereafter I smelled fish & chips. Let me rephrase that: I smelled fish & chips, ON MY LEFT ARM. Jo Malone 154 smells LIKE FISH & CHIPS on me. Which is, you know, all sorts of wonderful.

Fortunately by this point my mom had met up with me to help in the shopping. We went back to Bloomingdales and proceeded to douse me with approximately half a zillion fragrances, all of which I hated (and one of which smelled EXACTLY like Love's Baby Soft). I had all but given up, which was sad since I REALLY love the idea of having a special perfume to wear to both weddings. But we decided to make one final stop at Fresh.

I thought I wouldn't find anything appropriate there. I like their perfumes in general, but I was looking for something woodsy or herbal or heady for the wedding and, as the name would indicate, their scents tend towards the clean and citrusy. We had the sweetest salesman though . . . he pulled out a jar of coffee beans for me to smell which REALLY cleared my head (neat trick!) and I managed to re-find a fragrance I'd tried on and liked several months ago: Citrus Bergamot. It starts of citrusy but mellows into herby bergamot with a few floral and mossy notes tossed in. Its clean, but interesting.

So, relieved to have found something, I bought the perfume and as I was signing the receipt, the salesman *clap, clap-ed and announced to the entire store "Ladies! This is Holly and she's getting maaarrrriiieeeeddddd this weekend!", which I guess in a sense I am.


Laura said...

Holy smokes Lady! Congrats!

Have a great trip, a beautiful ceremony and load those pics up soon after your return!

Hooray! A wedding!

Camels & Chocolate said...

Whoa! Happy pre-wedding wedding!

Also, any kind of perfume gives me a debilitating headache! Good thing I smell like roses :-)

Domesticrazy said...

I demand pictures. At least one. And I hope you have a blast getting all legal ~ we had a guy at our wedding to sign the papers since our dude officiating wasn't going to be legal. We got married 4 days after 9/11, back up dude married us. Called John a "gentle giant."

It still cracks us up.

Lotsa love!

merrymishaps said...

Wow, congratulations (sort-of)!

DomestiKook said...

Holy crap! I had no idea! why did I have no idea?!?
Have FUN, remember everything! so will your official wedding date actually be this weekend then?
Glad you found a perfume you like, my mom gave me tiny travel bottle of Beautiful for my wedding, which I still have. :)
I almost sent you a bottle of Incognito. :)

Anonymous New York said...

Congrats! That's so sweet. I have a friend who did the same thing for different reasons and she and her husband celebrate the first date as their special wedding anniversary. I hope you had a mahvelous time!

I did the same thing as Slynnro. I wore Vera Wang Princess. It was kind of a joke since I had that foo foo princess dress and I SWORE I wasn't going to have a foo foo princess wedding dress. ;-)