Thursday, January 8, 2009

Curtains I have sewn and loved . . .

As promised! One thing I love about our condo is that the windows are HUGE! We get lots of natural light. On the downside, our windows are HUGE! And any standard window treatments seriously need not apply. And since standard, off-the-rack window treatments cost like 80% less than customs, we're sort of screwed.

Boy and I spent an hour at Home Depot over the weekend mulling over our options and decided it would be worth the arm and leg they want to have interior shutters installed on one window (in the kitchen), so long as we could come up with inexpensive, DIY solutions for the remaining windows. (Incidentally, we were measured for the shutters this morning and towards the end of the appointment (which we had waited ALL WEEK for!) we realized that Home Depot butchered the whole operation and sent the MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE shutter company to our home instead of the budget company we had chosen. So, in addition to costing an obscene amount of money, this whole shutter thing is turning out to be cluster-fuckity as well. FAIL!!!)

Happily, on the non-FAIL side of things, I did manage to handle two windows on my own over the weekend. Our smaller upstairs window and our smaller living room window. The living room one came out cuter, so thats the one you'll get to see!

I bought tension rods at Home Depot (under $4 for the one I used in the living room) and found a great cross-hatch black and white linen at Joann's ($3.63 per yard, about 2 yards used in the living room). The linen is perfect for shades since it lets a lot of light through, while still cutting down on glare. At night, the color reads deep grey, which goes great with our new sofas.

I did simple, fitted shades for each window (which involved more measuring and ironing than I care to recount). Boy and I decided once they were up that the living room window could use some sort of a tieback. We searched around for options and, since the shade was fitted inside the window frame, all the tiebacks we found would've looked really bizarre when not in use. Like weird, huge alien hooks coming out of our window sills . . .EUGH!

I thought we could use some sort of ring mounted inside the window sill but all the rings I found were made for bath towels, thus were huge. FINALLY it occurred to me to use a DRAWER PULL. I went to Restoration Hardware and bought one. Before I'd even left the store, I realized it mounted from the BACK which, since we weren't planning to knock down any walls, wasn't going to work. I sulked my way back over to the counter to exchange it and I managed to find ONE! (just one!) drawer pull that had screw mounts from the front.

I was immensely proud of my little drawer pull idea (and of the fact that I hadn't actually come home with the back mounting pull), but Boy was a little wary. I managed to convince him put it up anyways though and LOOK! Even Boy admits, it worked :)

Grand project total: $21.24. Take THAT, Home Depot, and your $800 shutters. PFT!


Laura said...


Seriously, a genius idea! I love ingenuity and making things work without a hefty price tag attached.

Better yet, I love that you are citing "FAIL" from Failblog! LOL! YOU are the one who sparked my addiction to that site and I laugh my butt off every time! And isn't it horrible that when I see things that are bass ackward, my mind immediately screams "FAIL!"

Oh, and "cluster-fuckity?" LOVE.

DomestiKook said...

Cluster fuckity? I have a book you'll love. It's an auto-biography my then fiance recommended and I was like, what? But I read it and laughed my ass off.
Rogue Warrior by Richard Marcinko


Domesticrazy said...

I can't believe you found linen at that price. I'd give a limb for that color and price in linen. Our JoAnn's sucks goat balls.

Curtains look great, and I love the pull/tieback idea! Home Depot has lost my business for their ineptitude. I now go to Lowe's.

Also: Does Paul have a website or something? John and I would like to check out his catalog. Which, you know, sounds really dirty.