Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Among the many things Boy and I have slaved over . . .

So I've mentioned once or twice that Boy and I are in the process of outfitting our first home together. We have a GORGEOUS condo in Los Angeles, very loft like, lots of light. I really genuinely do love it, so don't get me wrong, but the condo (in a vacuum without any furniture) is way more his style than mine. And yes, "my style" would be cave like with lots of black damask wall hangings. So?

Its a bit of a challenge decorating together since I find myself so drawn to the aforesaid black damask and Boy is WAY into modern design. Its also been hard for me to relinquish any of the decorating control since, prior to Boy, I lived alone for almost the entirety of the previous 7 years. I am used to having FULL AUTHORITY on the decorating front and, frankly, I think most married girls get away with at least 99% authority as well. Boy and I were out looking at window treatments the other day and, after the 100th option he turned down, I explained to him that "Most men just let their wives pick out the draperies and DEAL WITH IT." To which he replied "Then you should've married a guy who was into football." Which is not to say anything snarky about guys who like football, but just to highlight that Boy has a subscription to Dwell magazine, not Sports Illustrated. Not only does he CARE, he's pretty committed to his modernism.

Given all that I'm shocked that we've managed to find middle ground at all . . . but somehow Boy and I figured out that while I'm adamantly NOT INTO minimalist design, I do quite fancy all this mid-century business. And then we figured out that if I like something for being "vaguely medieval looking", Boy will often like the same object for being "industrial". And somehow, seriously shocking, we've managed to collaborate in making our condo look like it belongs to US and not one or the other.

It isn't QUITE done yet . . . so I'm holding back a little on the picture front. We're still working on the window treatments and a few bits of framing. But its getting there . . . and I'm happy with how it looks. Happy enough that I'm already mentally planning dinner party menus so I can invite friends over to see it. I'm also really pleased that Boy and I have been able to incorporate objects that are meaningful to each of us. In the living room, behind the sofa, there is a painting of a biplane by Boy's uncle, placed next to a framed record by a band my dad was in.

The condo doesn't look 100% the way it would look if it were only mine, or 100% the way it would look if it were only Boy's; but we both care SO MUCH and we have such vastly different aesthetics and we've still managed to come up with something that suits both of us. Its a gorgeous, constant reminder of the fact that we really are capable of merging our lives without losing our individuality.

* Photo with me in it was for The Working Closet but, incidentally, is also the best photo I have so far of our living room. Just squint and pretend I'm not in it, k?


Nutsy Coco said...

Ahh, isn't co-habitating such fun? :) Chris and I have had some design issues that aren't entirely worked out, but we're learning to live with (and mock!) our differences. I would have been prepared for these design issues because he led me to believe he didn't CARE about such things.

Domesticrazy said...

John doesn't care, until he does, and then he cares very much. Which means that I'll have a plan all worked out, and then the main piece of it isn't OK. UgH!

merrymishaps said...

My hubby gets to do whatever he wants in his man cave (aka, the basement). I do whatever I want in the rest of the house.

That said, he is a football fan :)

And, well, I'm kind of lazy. Well, busy, too. You've done more in your condo than I've done in the house we've owned for over seven years!