Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh Joy!

Boy and I just got the best Xmas present EVA! Our brand spanking new custom built sofa, loveseat and bench were just delivered. By "just" I mean like 15 minutes ago and YES I'm blogging about it already, so? Boy is at work for a few more hours, and I have to SHARE!

Isn't it LOVELY?! Also: Good for SITTING ON! So we no longer have to sit on folded up blankets on the floor (which we only did, admittedly, for like a week, but still!)

Hooray! and Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 22, 2008

How not to fix a fire alarm

At about 5am last night our bedroom fire alarm launched into the most OBNOXIOUS screeching I've ever heard in my life. Seriously, NOT COOL. Yes, I get it, an alarm should be capable of waking me up (check!) but if there actually had been some sort of fire then HELLO! YES! I KNOW! ON FIRE! and generally there is really no need for the god-awful shrieking to continue.

As it happens there was NOT a fire. Also, as it happens, our bedroom ceilings are REALLY FREAKING HIGH. And because boy and I are clearly both mensa candidates, the ONE FECKING LADDER we had we recently gave to my brother in law. My boy's dad has promised to get us a new ladder for Christmas, but being the 21st we were pretty much SOL (Shit Out of Ladder).

After having dragged at least four different chairs into our room and having determined that their seats are all exactly the same height (what is UP with that?!), we realized that no matter the chair, boy was doomed to be 3 feet short of the alarm. Thats when he took a deep breath and looked at me . . .I expected him to say "Lets just sleep in the second bedroom" or "Maybe we won't be able to hear it if we go upstairs?", but no. What he actually said was "I guess you're going to have to get on my shoulders".

I did a quick bit of groggy 5am math and told him that we'd STILL be short a good three feet, to which he replied by looking warily at one of the chairs.


And then the shrieky chirping started up again and I changed my mind.

So go ahead and picture if you will: Boy and I in our pajamas at 5am, me on his shoulders clutching his hair for balance, and him gingerly climbing on top of our red damask bench so I can reach the fecking alarm.

That image was your Christmas present. I hope you like it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Shall we review more perfumes?

Lets do!
The last of my freebie samples is Guerlain's My Insolence. Lets take a moment to discuss the name, shall we? I was pretty sure I already knew the definition of "insolence" (having, you know, TAUGHT SAT VERBAL PREP for years) but I looked it up JUST TO BE SURE my mental dictionary wasn't playing tricks on me. defines insolence as "contemptuously rude or impertinent behavior or speech". So, yeah. Perfume named: "snotty, simpering little bitch", basically. And, as you might expect, it smells like babies. Sexy!

Thinking "insolence" must OBVIOUSLY mean something entirely different in, say, France? I went a-Googling and found that no, it more or less means the same thing there as well. Then I found Guerlain's own website for the perfume, in which they spell out their imaginary definition which involves things like "panache", "verve" and "spirit".

Um. Okay.


Boy and I will be getting a sofa next weeky, huzzah! We did have to choose an alternate fabric but, dare I say, I think we like the alternate version a bit better than our prior choice. So SOON people I will be posting pictures of our home-in-progress.

We also just got the DVR we bought ourselves as a joint holiday present. I spent a fun chunk of time programming it from my computer the other day oblivious to the fact that it was emailing boy updates EVERY TIME I set it to record something. 18 emails about season passes to "Bargain Hunt" and "Jon and Kate Plus 8" later, I'm only sort of sure he still wants to marry me.

This weekend is going to be PACKED with parties and dinners with friends (starting as of last night even!) . . . so there shall be LOTS of fun to post about on Monday. Happy weekend!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have so many things I should write about in this post

We shall have BULLET POINTS! Excellent solution.

- Pehrspace(Craft): FUN! I was really proud of my table, met lots of new friends, bands were great, bought and traded for a few fab items like a clutch from Meowthings and a feather barrette from Nittio Nio (both pictured!)

- Came home on Monday: TO THIS! Actually far more joyus than it might appear (see post on new furniture below!). Some of our new items were delivered over the weekend and we've been working on placing them and getting settled. Sadly, I got a call on Monday morning about how our sofa fabric is stuck in Japan (or some other such fiasco) so we will be without a sofa for a bit longer. We actually might pick a new fabric, hopefully samples will be in the mailbox when we get home. I spent something like four and a half hours last night cleaning out our kitchen. FULL ON NESTING MODE!
- I have a ton of items leftover from Pehrspace and I'm working madly to get them all listed in my Etsy shop. I've listed almost 20 so far and I've got tons more to go. I'm really happy with how my pearl cluster earrings photographed this time around, check it!
- Perfume front! Yesterday I tried out Absolutley Irresistible by Givenchy. I opened up the packet thinking "I'm not gonna like this one" just because the red, glittery bottle screamed "MALL PERFUME!" to me, but I was SO WRONG! Its great. Its floral and a bit fruity without being overly sweet and it wore for HOURS! It also comes in a mini rollerball bottle which is a huge plus in my book (being a perfume whore, I almost never finish a full size bottle).

Thats all I've got.

Friday, December 12, 2008

PehrSpace(Craft) is almost here!

In about 24 hours I'll be setting up my table! I'm so excited . . . I've been selling for quite a while on Etsy this is my first live fair. There are all of these new things to consider; like change! and price tags! and not working in my pajamas!

I promise to bring the camera and make boy take tons of photos. If you're in the LA area, click here for info!

So as not to break my long ass post streak, I'll go ahead and review one more perfume today, Prada's Infusion D'Iris. This one is fresh and very light. Its a floral, but not in the way I'm used to . . . its much more green than sweet or earthy. I wore it yesterday meaning to review it then didn't have time, and I was happy to wear it again today for your reading pleasure! This would be a great scent for girls who aren't really into traditional perfumes, its intersting but more clean than anything.

In other news, I have a furniture delivery coming tomorrow. Squee!! I'm really excited but also sort of TERRIFIED since I know I won't be able to get everything situated for a few days, and misplaced furniture (for DAYS) is really gonna be bad for my OCD. HOWEVER! Boy and I have the fair of course then on Sunday we also have his family holiday party so (crosses fingers) I'll be away from home so much that I really won't notice random coffee tables and rolled up rugs lurking around. (Please, universe, let it work out that way. Or send Valium.)

Happy weekend!

ADDENDUM: Urban Home just called and asked if they could push our delivery tomorow from 10-1 to 12-3. Which, NO! UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO DIE! Send good delivery man thoughts my way, PLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSEEEEE! If he could be EARLY all the better!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gift Guides and Poison

My super awesome blog and Craftster buddy Refabulous let me know that this necklace is currently featured in Etsy's Environmentally Friendly Gift Guide, which is very exciting and explains why the necklace which I listed yesterday has, like, a zillion views already. Hooray!

Today's perfume tryout was SUPPOSED to be Diesel's Fuel For Life which wins my "Favorite Perfume Name" award for this batch of samples and was set to win my "Best Packaging" award . . . Alas! The nifty envelope that allegedly sprays perfume when you squeeze the bottle TOTALLY DOES NOT WORK. I pressed everywhere and even ripped the thing apart but nothing. Not even a little drop to smell. Whatever.

On to another sample, Dior's Pure Poison. Of the 6 samples, I expect this one is most my speed. Its a very rich, heady floral. I do like my fragrances on the geriatric side; lots of single note florals like rose or orange blossom. This one smells divine and as of 3:30 pm it is still lingering on my wrists. It is surely a "night out" type fragrance, which is perfect since my firm holiday party is tonight! I shall be wearing my Poison :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Perfumes and coffee tables

As mentioned yesterday, boy and I did some heavy duty furniture shopping over the weekend. The condo we bought he'd actually been living in already (long story) so it still in a way feels like "his" place. We've been talking for ages about redoing it to suit both of us, which basically means modern for him and gothic for me. Yep, modern gothic. Just trust me.

We're in the process of having a new sofa (and loveseat! and bench!) made and hopefully we'll be in possession of said items by Christmas. The fabric we chose (LOVE!) is sadly on backorder until the 16th but it is SO worth waiting for. Its a deep charcoal grey in sort of a woven tweed-y fabric. Like something you'd see a winter coat made of. And anyone who knows me KNOWS about my thing for coats . . . its going to be like a big grey coat in my living room. SWOON! I'm going to keep you all in suspense about the sofa style until it arrives (all of you except D-crazy, cause I sent her a photo of it ages ago).

In addition to the sofa I knew we were going to need a new rug to replace boy's grotty beige piece of crap. Sorry, but I have MUCH hate for that rug. Very much. Boy and I found one at Urban Home that we (both!) loved but it was ivory and since we do want children soon we had to think seriously about whether we'd be able to keep an ivory rug ivory. We decided in the end that of course we'd have perfectly clean and sanitary babies, so the rug will be just fine. Don't try to set me straight on this. I'm not listening . . .la la la la la!

Then there were dressers . . . boy and I each had one already but of course they don't match. And mine is a piece of shit from Ikea and keeps collapsing on me. And NO the collapsing has NOTHING to do with my 30-odd pair jean collection, GOD! So we bought two of the large dresser on the right, which I love because of the medieval looking handles and boy loves because they're, well, rectangular.

On to the "big ass wall"! Our living room is laid out so that the wall to your right when you walk in seems ENNNNNDDDLLLEEESSSSSly long. We've also got crazy high ceilings in the living room, so that wall is a bit of a challenge. There must be STUFF! on it. We bought a wood slat bench from and a simple black bookcase from Ikea. Cross your fingers for me that this is enough furniture to satisfy the wall of doom.

We probably should've stopped there.

But! We have this TV stand. And its square but the space for our TV is more triangular. And the TV stand is sort poking out suspiciously close to our fireplace. And what would newlywed life be like without being able to light a fire once in a while? So clearly, new TV stand it was. We just wanted something simple and basic that would fit in the corner, and we found just that at Target.

Which brings us to the coffee table. If you're gonna go whole hog, there's no point being shy about it. And I've COVETED this coffee table for months. JUST LOOK AT IT!

OK. We are done now. Mostly. Shut up.

On to perfumery! I recently came into an insane stash of perfume samples which I'd normally let linger in the bathroom drawer until they'd fossilized, but instead I've decided to wear them! And review them for you!

First up is Versace Bright Crystal. I'm really more of a Dark Crystal kind of girl myself, but this perfume is surprisingly nice. It has fairly strong pomegranate notes which are quite nice; sweet without being overly fruity and teenager-ish. Its not much for longevity though . . .I put it on right before work and by lunchtime it had all but vanished. This isn't one I'll be investing in a full size bottle of, but I'm happy to have my little sample vial!

Gah, that was a long post!

Monday, December 8, 2008

DONE! Exactly one week in advance!

This week is going to be sort of nuts. I'm going out three out of five weeknights and since Pehrspace(Craft) is on SATURDAY!!! I thought it'd be wise to kick my ass into high gear and be READY for the fair early. So I worked my tail off this weekend (in addition to spending HOURS out furniture shopping with boy, which I'll post about tomorrow!) and as of yesterday around 4pm I felt confident saying I was DONE preparing for the fair!

I have 135 items to sell. I have a table. I have appropriate jewelry displays and pricing signs. I AM DONE!


You already know about my earring displays, I made one more just the same way. I bought a FANTASTIC tree at an adorable little shop in Arroyo Grande for my necklaces. I'm using a mirror from Michaels to display beaded necklaces and odds and ends. All of the glassware and china used on the table is either from my collection or purchased at thrift of antique stores. The tags and pricing signs were all made by hand using scrapbook paper. I even have BAGS ready, red lunch style paper bags from Target. I've packed a wristlet in my box to use for cash and I have a cute little notebook that I got from a former Sampler box to use for record keeping. I have mini candy canes, people, I AM MORE THAN READY!

Any LA based readers, click the banner to the left for info on the fair. It'd be awesome to meet some blog friends there! This is my first fair so I'm freaking out a little and could use some friendly faces, but I do feel calmer now that I'm uber-prepared.

Fair veterans: What do you think of the setup? Any suggestions? Any last words of advice?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Likes It Friday

Its about time for a feature round here! Every Friday starting now I'll post about something I like. I might write about a beauty product or a recipe. A book or a blog. All without being paid to do so (although I am certainly open to being paid if the opportunity arises! Being paid = always good!) I'm almost certian to feature Etsy finds, foods involving cheese, and lipgloss. Grammatical errors and sentence fragments are all but guaranteed. "Overwhelming", "alarming" even "creepy" enthusiasm: a given.

First up, Bobbi Brown's Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush. You might be thinking "$25 for an eyeliner brush?! YOU CRAZY!" to which I would reply that it is a veritable BARGAIN at $25 since I somehow wound up spending $27 for mine at Bloomies. Moral of story: Don't buy this at Bloomies.

Every other eyeliner brush I've used has been ineffective for one of the following reasons: 1) Too fluffy, ergo only capable of applying eyeliner in inch wide swaths, 2) Comically thin, once the one bristle falls out you've got yourself a lovely brushless handle; or, 3) Angled and hard, which do apply eyeliner nicely but rip out half your eyelashes on their way.

This brush, however, has lovely, rounded, tapered bristles which are substantial enough to pick up a decent sized scoop of gel eyeliner but are also TAPERED enough to apply that eyeliner in a thin line. And despite my repeated washing, I've yet to lose or dislodge a single bristle in this quality brush.

I likes it!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why I'll (probably) never be a Superstar Blogger

The other day I was reading a blog that I adore by a woman who I'm SURE we all read, and slipped in there between adorable stories about her kids and general updates was something . . . .well . . . kinda mean. It was something so vague that you almost wouldn't even notice it at first. It wasn't even directly mean just suggestive of meanness. But if the person it were about had read it . . . .kinda cringeworthy.

Don't get me wrong . . . the blog in question is one of my favorites. Exactly because of the occasional snark, not in spite of it. And the comment that got my panties in a twist is one that honestly, I feel the author was ENTIRELY ENTITLED TO. Its very likely that if I were in her situation, I'd feel exactly the same. But would I have posted about it? Knowing full well that the person or people it was about might see it? And knowing that it might suggest that I had something, however vague, against them?

Nope. I couldn't.

I'm too sensitive. I'm too empathetic. To a fault. I would stay up all night worrying that this other person was off crying to themselves about the mean thing I'd said. Even if they most likely weren't. Even if I were all but certain they weren't. (Why yes, it IS almost that time of the month again. Thanks for asking!)

Can a blog be interesting without being snide? Or without being contentious? I have LOTS of snide and contentious things I could post, BELIEVE ME. And while I can admit that I enjoy reading those kinds of posts they aren't what I want to talk about here. I have been known to get political on occasion. And it isn't always sweetness and light around here. But more or less, I like to talk about making things, cooking things, and planning my wedding. All without talking much smack. Is that ok?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Birds on a Wire

I LOVE my new earring displays!!! My friend Natalie of OrganicStills suggested that I try using ribbons and frames to display my earrings for the upcoming craft show so I went a-Google-ing and found Joyful Abode's earring displays and went running from there.

I modified the idea to a) craft quicker, b) display earrings only and c) use more tape.

I picked up two frames at Ross for about $5 each, selected my prettiest toile fabrics and coordinating ribbons and got to stapling! I used the existing cardboard in the frames and stretched and taped my fabric over them. I stapled in the ribbons and went over all the reverse side edges with more packing tape. Total project time: About 10 minutes for TWO frames.

I was a bit concerned about sagging ribbons but I've had these two frames up for DAYS with tons of earrings displayed on them and still, no catastrophic sagging. A better way to do these I think would be to SEW the ribbons to the cardboard. Alas, I am lazy.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Can we talk about something OTHER than Thanksgiving food?

Cause my whole plan today was to talk about just that but I am FAKE TURKEY'D OUT!

Lets talk about furniture instead!

Boy and I have Great Plans for our condo and we're starting to put a few of them into action. First up: our kitchen display cabinet.

We have an eat in kitchen and the "eat in" portion is pretty darn small (we make up for it with a FREAKING MASSIVE living room). We don't eat in the kitchen often but we do have a great, very space efficient table for four from Ikea. The table is especially awesome because, with the chairs pushed it, it serves double duty as a buffet. DAMNIT, here I go posting pictures of Thanksgiving food, but WHATEVER:

I'd love to have a massive china cabinet for all of my grandma's crystal, teapots, vintage pyrex, and of course, my collection of shot glasses from holy places. That, of course, wasn't going to happen in the allotted space. However! I found a little curio cabinet online that was only a foot deep and about 36 inches across. It has glass sides and doors and a mirrored back, so its perfect for catching the light and making my crystal look fabulous. The top is also a great home for my collection of spiral bound mid century cookbooks! (And for Boy's plant, which has miraculously managed to stay alive for months despite sharing a living space with me: Mistress of Pathetic and Droopy Looking Houseplants.)