Thursday, July 31, 2008

Musings on Aspartame, Fruit and Cheese . . .

I recently picked up a copy of Skinny Bitch and then more or less devoured it in one sitting. Its not so much a diet book as a collection of vegan propaganda (and I say that with love, I don't mind vegan propaganda one iota). I'm a pretty saintly eater to begin with. I don't eat meat (including chicken and fish), I buy veggies from farmers markets, and I only buy whole wheat pasta and bread (for at home, although I will eat white four products out at restaurants). I did pick up a few things from the book though that I've put into place and have made a big improvement in how I feel.

First and foremost, I've given up diet sodas. The book's chapter on aspartame reads like a horror story. To summarize, aspartame was deemed unsafe countless times by independent researchers and deemed safe as many times again by researchers funded by the soft drink industry. It was rejected by the FDA something like 9 times before it finally was approved for use in food, and the studies cited in the approval were all either incomplete, inconclusive, or funded by the very organizations that would profit the most from being able to market aspartame products. It also causes memory loss, among other crappy things. I'd been meaning to give it up someday anyhow. I certainly wouldn't drink diet soda while pregnant and I'm hoping to get myself knocked up sometime in the not so distant future, so I figured now was as good a time as any. I gave it up almost 2 weeks ago. When I feel the urge for a diet coke I have a tall, lukewarm glass of mint tea instead (tastes better than it sounds!). I feel more clear-headed, more alert, and just better all around. It was also PAINLESS to give up, so I highly recommend giving it a shot!

Also, I've made friends with fruit. I'm not a big fan of sweets in general, so I've always been more of a vegetable person. The book spoke very highly of fruit though, so I've been giving it a go and cutting up a bunch for breakfast every morning. I buy 2 apples, 2 peaches, a grapefruit and a big thing of strawberries at my organic market on weekends and that seems to work for the week. It also seems to take less time than waiting for the fecking toaster. So winners all around.

And then there's cheese. The book makes a really great case for giving up all dairy. Especially cheese. But I just don't think I can. I've switched mostly to cheeses (and milk, for that matter) that are hormone and antibiotic free, which is half the reason for giving up right there. But as a matter of principle, I just don't know if I can let the cheese go. The book explained that there's a chemical in cheese that converts to morphine in the body which would EXPLAIN SO MUCH! I like a little morphine with my crackers, sorry.

PS: I bought the coat. Not the jacket. Just the coat.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sundry, Bits, Pieces

1) There was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake centered about an hour and a half's drive away from LA yesterday. 5.6 is pretty large. Even from that distance it was the strongest quake I'd felt in quite a while. Oddly, it went down around 11am . . . usually those things happen in the middle of the night. I don't know which is worse: being tossed out of your bed to rumbling and shaking at 3am or having to endure a quake on the 9th story of an office building. Office buildings in LA are usually built to sway 1 foot in each direction per floor during a quake (as in, before they snap in half). So potentially in an 18 foot radius for my floor; and although this one didn't push those limits I'm SURE we were going at least four or five. Everything is fine, everyone is fine, but I could've done without all that extra adrenaline!

2) I'm working my patootie off on that Australian order. Almost all of the coins and supplies have been delivered, I've made base chains for two of the necklace types (12 each!) so that I can just add the coins after my dad and I drill them this weekend. Also made tags and bought bags and made bag closure stickers. Its been kind of horrible and repetitive, but I'm very excited about having my work in stores in Australia and I'm making a decent profit which I SO NEED with the wedding coming up and for all the things boy and I want to do with the condo. So thumbs up to Australia!

3) About a month ago I ordered myself a bottle of Butter London Fash Pack nail polish as a gift. A self gift. When the bottle arrived it was all leaky and horrible so I emailed and asked them to replace it. Which they very easily agreed to do, but today when the package arrived it contained, not my nail polish, but a bottle of antiacid meant for someone named Gail in PA. Gail in PA . . .I have your antiacid! Do you have my nail polish???

4) I haven't yet bought the coat. I am still pondering it. But without the PMS haze its seeming less and less urgent. All told, I DO need a new coat for the wedding trip though. And I really effin' like this one.

5) I am developing a soft spot for this jacket. As in, for me to have in addition to the coat. Since, clearly, this is a JACKET and very much not the same thing as a COAT. Totally different. Would need to have both to cover all weather related wardrobe bases on wedding trip.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Tackling things way beyond my skill level

So you've seen the big window in boy and my bedroom. And you've heard my story about how it was almost TOO BIG for a window treatment.

Now, meet the small window. It is a ridiculous little thing. Oddly placed high up in a corner. 16 inches wide by 27 tall. And, when I moved in, it was still dressed with the original window treatments that were installed when the condo was built. Yep, thats right, some very imaginative and exceptionally tasteful contractor had 16 x 27 inch pink and white blinds with a FECKIN VALANCE cut and installed. I mean, this was seriously Monty Python-esque shit. The window was roughly the size of a friggin coffee table book. And it had its own blinds. WITH PLASTIC VALANCE. Clearly, someone somewhere along the line had been smoking crack.

So suffice it to say finding ANY hardware sized to fit that window was right on the edge of "not gonna happen". And even when installed, the shade I planned to make (from the leftover skull/damask/toile from the bed pillows) was gonna look pretty damn wimpy up there in a 16 x 27 inch panel. So, at about 3am one night as it would happen, I came up with the brilliant idea to FRAME the window with crown moulding.

In the event that you're thinking of trying this trick too, let me save you some time, money and agony. Don't try to mitre cut things. It will only end in tears. Tears then trips back to Lowes to buy more moulding. After spending a solid week fighting with our mitre cutter (oh yes, we actually BOUGHT A TOOL SPECIFICALLY MEANT TO DO THIS!) we capitulated and bought corner blocks instead. Fortunately, both the moulding and corner blocks came pre-primed. So I painted them up pretty easily with two coats of black semigloss. Then to install, we used an adhesive that was sold alongside the moulding strips. If we'd done everything correctly the first time, this would've been a $40 project. With all the extra tools, extra moulding, and useless curtain rods we bought it was more like $100 . . .but the sense of accomplishment is, of course, priceless!

I'm really proud of this project because it came out more or less exactly as I'd imagined it. The look we're going for in the bedroom is "If Barnabas Collins read Dwell Magazine", so given that brief I think the window fits 100%. Also, this is the first project I've done that I couldn't have gotten away with in an apartment. I guess ripping out all the bedroom blinds would've been a no-no in a rental, but FOR SURE using adhesive on the window casings wouldn't have gone over too well with a landlord. So hooray for home ownership!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bedroom Window

This isn't the post I'd hoped to be posting. The BIG SPECTACULAR AWSOME AND TOTALLY UNIQUE window treatment boy and I are working on is for the little window in our bedroom and its not quite done . . . actually, its kind of killing us. You'll see. But in the meantime, we DID manage to get a not so spectacular yet still VASTLY improved window treatment up in our big bedroom window.

Now, not to complain about having big windows cause, HELLO! Big windows rule! But finding the right hardware for a window 118 freakin' inches across was a pain. The first pole we bought said it would extend to 120 inches . . . and it did . . . except once it was fully extended the ends were kinda floppy and it was TOTALLY UNABLE to support any weight in the form of, you know, curtains. (Whats the fecking point, by the way? Did they think it was going to wind up in someone's home as a curtainless 'Decorative Pole'? After we took it down I told boy to save it and he said "yeah . . . we could use it . . . as a . . . pole?")

So we tried again, which of course meant a whole new round of spackling, fighting with the power drill, climbing ikea dressers that were totally not built to be stood on, etc.

When we finally got it up though, the improvement was just incredible. We'd had the original blinds from when the condo was built (in the 80s as it would happen). Not only were they cheap and tacky looking but they were YELLOWING . . . and the original owner hadn't put in plain white blinds, they'd chosen the much more upscale option of white with PINK SPLASHES. The horror!

Our new curtains I copped out and bought at Linens n' Things' going out of business sale. I know, I know, I can sew. And I will. But these were cheaper than the fabric would've been and boy and I both liked them. Also, I did kind of end up sewing them because in order to get enough (four panels!) I had to buy them in three different lengths then hem them all to match. (Note the strategic furniture placement so you can't see if my hems line up. Ha!)

So a quick coat update: Boy thinks I should buy it! He hasn't actually seen it yet. I think him telling me to buy it had more to do w/ my raging PMS and his terror than it did with the actual coat. Nevertheless, we're going to go visit it tonight and see if he likes it in person. We've been joking that Zara must've dusted it with a fine layer of crack before putting it on display. That would neatly explain my obsession!

Cross your fingers for me that this weekend we'll get the little window done!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

There's this coat . . . .

Anyone who knows me in the regular world just read that title and groaned. Every year, without fail, I become obsessed with AT LEAST one heavy winter coat. Which is all well and good but I live in Los Angeles and frankly, it gets down below 60 degrees maybe twice a year. Maybe its expressly because they're so useless to me that I find winter coats so appealing? In any event I have at least a dozen. Not exaggerating.

And as I was out innocently browsing in Zara at lunchtime I found a new one to obsess over. Its black wool with double breasted buttons, a stand collar, and military detailing. I can't show you a picture because there aren't any online (and I looked, for the last half hour. Told you. Obsessed.) Its also $189 so for the time being at least I'm going to hold off. But I think ultimately I CAN make a case for needing a new coat for the wedding trip. I mean, its my WEDDING, jeeze . . . . and Wales is cold. Also, windy.

In other news, not to sound like a complete jerk but have you ever noticed how freakin' long it takes to put body lotion on in the morning? If I skip it, my skin is itchy by lunchtime but seriously, it is NOT COOL that I have to spend like 4 extra minutes in the morning putting it on when I COULD be sleeping (or taking Etsy photos, as the case may be). In the event anyone else feels the same way, allow me to share one of my new favorite products, Crabtree and Evelyn In Shower Body Moisturizer . It takes about 4 seconds to put on in the shower and it works every bit as well as any body lotion (even on freshly shaved legs!). I bought mine at the Crabtree and Evelyn store summer sale for $3 a tube ($3!) but its available year round and in a wider variety of scents online at

Still thinking about that damn coat, fyi.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This fabric made my head explode

So I was browsing Refabulous' blog the other day and she linked to her favorite fabric store so OF COURSE I had to go browsing and what did I find but THE MOST INSANELY COOL FABRIC EVER!!!! Its a damask-y skull/pirate/satyr printed toile *head . . . exploding . . . .*

Since boy and I can pretty much only agree on one color (and that color is grey) we've bought a new grey duvet and had planned on accenting it with handmade pillows. I thought this fabric was PERFECT for some of those pillows and (GASP!) boy AGREED! So I ordered it immediately and got it on Monday and (CRAP!) I didn't have quite enough for two full bed pillows (at least not if I was going to maintain the direction of the print). So last night I stopped at Joann (after working 11 hours, MY GOD!) and picked up some decor fabric in plain black for the backs of the pillows. There was lots of pinning involved but these were actually REALLY easy to make. I did two sheets of black on the back, folded over and overlapped to make a vertical envelope opening. Under 30 minutes of work, all told.

By the way, speaking of pins, can someone more experienced than I am with sewing PLEASE tell me if there's any trick to NOT sticking yourself in the lap repeatedly with your pinned fabric while you work on a big piece? Cause that sucked.

Bedroom is getting there! See that dinky window? Thats the one we're working on a SUPER INSANELY SPECTACULAR treatment for. Hopefully that'll be a post soon :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Like a hole in the head

Yep, I need another craft habit EXACTLY as much as I need a hole in the head. Nevertheless, in an ongoing effort to improve my Etsy packaging before the holiday season, I've wound up somehow adding paper crafts to my ever growing repertoire (and supply stash!)

Over the weekend, while out on one of our many hardware/linen store outings, I managed to drag the boy into Michaels for "JUST ONE SECOND, I SWEAR!" to buy a shiny new tag shaped die cutter. The plan was that I'd like to have tags for my neckwarmers that coordinate with my jewelry box bands (ie: recycled from magazine pages). I got a bunch of full sheet white label stickers, slapped them on the backs of pretty magazine pages, and started punching. I used pearl cotton thread to make ties and wrote my shop url on the backs (that's what the label paper was for!) in pretty purple ink.

These tags are super fun and easy to make and I think they'll look great on my neckwarmers! I'm also planning on using them on the pieces I'm making for a MASSIVE Australian wholesale order I'm currently working on. Yep, massive order! I'm going to have pieces in boutiques in Australia!! :D

Now, of course, mere days after purchasing a tag puncher, I'm hankering for a sticker machine. How neat would it be to have coordinating STICKERS for my shop too? To seal celo bags? Or to seal padded mailers? Anyone have a sticker machine? Any recommendations?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dirt and Worms

It was my friend Nick's birthday a few weeks ago and instead of making my usual pink fluffy cupcakes, I decided I wouldn't be a true friend if I didn't at least TRY to make something more masculine. Yep, a masculine cupcake. You heard it here first!

I made my usual chocolate cakes and cream cheese icing. I dyed the icing green (eewwwwww) and put it in the fridge for a bit to make it easier to spread. The whole decorating thing actually took LESS time than usual, since I didn't have to use icing bags or tips for these. I just spread the icing on with a butter knife then dipped the tops in a bowl of crushed oreos (quite satisfying, I must say, whacking oreos with a wooden spoon!) then I topped each cake off with a gummy worm.

Totally easy, cheap trick and these cupcakes got LOTS of good attention :)

The boy and I spent lots of the weekend working on the window treatments in our bedroom. I'm happy to report, almost GLEEFUL to report, that the gnarly 80s pink splashed vertical blinds we used to have are currently residing IN THE FECKING DUMPSTER! Not quite done with our massive improvements yet . . .we ran out of "a supply" and have to make one more hardware store run today, but I promise pics and a full report soon!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun with Applique

To break in my new sewing desk, I made myself a new purse. I've got a fantabulous collection of souvenir tea towels collected by my parents in Ireland and England last year. Initially I'd planned to make purses actually OUT OF the towels a la this purse I made about a year ish ago. But once I got to actually contemplating and cutting things, I decided using the images as appliques would be an even neater look.

This purse I made using a tea towel image of a Welsh flag (hooray for Wales!) sewn on to a piece of mustard yellow Irish grown linen and lined with a remnant of linen-like, nubby plaid. (The plaid inside is actually quite similar to the plaid that was originally on my sewing chair . . . but somehow it works FAR more successfully as a lining than it does as a chair covering!)

I read a tutorial somewhere along the line that suggested you interface the back of your applique piece before sewing it in, which I did this time and I think worked really well. The tutorial also suggested you shorten the stitch length on your zig zag in order to get a better, more complete coverage on the edges. The fact that at no point prior had this EVER occured to me just goes to show what an incompetent seamstress I am! But what the heck, I have fun with it anyhow :D

Also learned in making this that the linen setting on my iron does NOT mix well with fusible web interfacing. Like, at all.

Leading up to the wedding, its fun to have a little something Welsh related to wear! And speaking of the wedding . . . its SO on. The other night Boy and I were watching Colbert Report, the episode with Rush performing. As soon as the band started up boy and I both, completely in unison, said "Woaahhhhhhh . . . " because a) they were playing Tom Sawyer and we both had totally expected them to play some crap-tastic new song like most bands would and b) we both KNEW in about 1/3 of a note that the song WAS Tom Sawyer and not some crap-tastic new song. If thats not a sign we should be married I don't know what is :D

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Camera Love!!!

So a few weeks ago, on my DAD's birthday actually, my parents bought boy and I a new camera for our birthdays, which are both in summer. I think my parents were most thrilled when boy and I got engaged that they'd now be able to buy BIG ASS JOINT PRESENTS for us. Like, more excited about that than the wedding, likely. We're BIG presents people in my family (there are only three of us, we can get away with it!).

I had been using a Nikkon Coolpix L1 which I liked quite a lot, but for the wedding it was agreed all around that boy and I should have something more substantial, with better image stabilization and with semi manual functions like shutter priority control for low light. Also, for my Etsy shop, I needed a KILLER macro.

My dad did tons of research (he's the camera junkie!) and decided that the Panazsonic FZ18 was our best bet. The neatest features are an 18x optical zoom (!!!) and the fact that the lens is 28mm instead of 35, so its not quite a wide angle but its wider than a standard camera lens.

I've more or less always had point and shoot cameras. And I love taking photos and fiddling with my settings but I'm not quite ready for a dslr yet. So this camera is a GREAT balance. I've got lots more control than I'm used to but I can still throw it in auto and let the camera do the work for me when I want to.

The pictures here boy took . . . playing with focus options. Then, check out that macro!!! But really what I can't wait for is to take this baby to the UK and try out that wide angle on some cathedrals!

So, who's gonna watch Project Runway with me tonight? ;)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whats in the package

So as promised EONS ago, I've finally updated my Etsy packaging and taken photos for blog show and tell.

Every jewelry item from my shop is packaged in a shiny black 3 1/2 inch square jewelry box accented with a strip of magazine print (recycling!!!) (So far, I've exclusively used Bust magazines for this) and a little label with my shop name and url. I find the 3 1/2 inch boxes fit pretty much everything . . . big rusty keys included! I include a Meho Plaza sampler in every package (they're on Boy's label) and my current free gift (althogh this changes!) is a pair of brass chain and coin replica earrings packaged in a cello bag with a business card and a handwritten "Thank You!".

The freebies are forever changing. Even as I type I have a stash of peacock pearl dangle earrings that I'm going to use. I use up leftovers and extras to make freebies . . . anything goes! I do try to make sure they're something acutally useful for wearing (or regifting!) though.

Boy and I got into the Farm Boy goods for a stir fry last night. TEN items! Yellow onion, carrot, celery, shallot, leek, broccoli, snap peas, bok choy, green onions and bean sprouts. I did up some tofu in teriyaki sauce alongside. SPECTACULAR dinner . . . and I've got leftovers for lunch ;) Tonight is going to be "pub night" . . . I'm making Champ mashed potatoes (the Irish way, with green onions) and cauliflower cheese.

I think all this cooking means I'm settlling into my new home ok, right?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Just because you lot are the only ones who care

I have to share my LEGENDARY weekend vegetable haul. I tried Farm Boy which is across the street from my new local Trader Joes. TJ's is more or less never getting my produce business back!

- 4 baking potatoes
- 1 big head of cauliflower
- a lime
- a small bok choy
- a small piece of ginger root
- a package of bean sprouts
- a bunch of carrots
- 4 big yellow onions
- 2 big leeks
- 3 tomatoes
- a bunch of cilantro
- 2 green peppers


I literally skipped out of the store. Then I spent all weekend reiterating to boy that "My bok choy cost nineteen cents!".

So meanwhile . . . been thinking a LOT about what to make MYSELF to wear for the wedding. I'm playing around (just mentally for now) with an iolite and marcasite idea. Or maybe labradorite and marcasite. And the tuppence in the shoe . . OH YEAH am I EVER! I also am planning to make my garter modelled after one I made for a friend, with dusty blue lace and a Victorian penny sewn in.

Also . . . please no crying for my tiara, but I'm playing around with a different hair idea. I have a marcasite brooch of my dad's mom's . . . I'm going to be wearing both my mom's mom's and HER mom's engagement rings on my right hand so I'd like to be wearing something from my paternal grandmother as well. I'm experimenting with adding the brooch to a ribbon or headband. I think it'll feel less costume-y to me than a full on tiara, plus then I can RUN with the marcasite idea. A tiara is pretty much the end all to other wedding accessories . . . and I don't feel that I could add a handmade neckalce to boot without looking like some whack-job, wanna-be-beauty-queen type monstrosity. (Althogh the tiara will see PLEANTY of wear in the privacy of my own home, let me assure you!)

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Epic Necklace

My mom emailed me a few weeks ago and said she'd like something like this to wear to my wedding. So I asked, "Can I consider that a commission?".

Ultimately, I decided to make it as her birthday present. I had a few ideas as to how to get the 'broken' feeling. The Vivienne Westwood necklace is vermeil snake chain with glass pearls custom drilled to fit over the chain. For sure I knew I wanted my version to be all in genuine materials . . . so freshwater pearls and sterling silver. I thought about using sterling Accuflex wire and crimp beads but I decided the wire would look too thin. I had what I thought was a PERFECT idea to use liquid silver beads but my mom nixed that saying she thought they'd be itchy (Diva!). Eventually, I decided to individually wire wrap pearl sections to create my own chain. I achieved the broken look by dotting in sections using larger, misshapen pearls. A MONUMENTUS time commitment, this was. Probably about 5 hours all told.

With all the pearls, unusual findings needed, large quantities of sterling . . . I literally wouldn't have been able to make this piece at all if it weren't for Fire Mountain Gems. My shopping list consisted of 25 feet of dead soft sterling wire (didn't use quite all of it . . . maybe 3/4 of the spool), four strands of white button pearls, one strand of larger freshwater pearls, ten sterling split jump rings, A pearl drop in sterling, a kick a** clasp, and a sterling cross (I used one I already had, instead of buying). Grand total (at my 50 item discount level) (don't look, mom): $29.74. And, you know, HOURS of labor, but whatever :)

My mom is trying to convince me now to put a few larger, more expensive pieces in my shop. A necklace like this, even at only $30 in materials, I'd have to list for at least $120 to cover the labor and the risk of making a (comparatively) huge time and supply investment in an item that may or may not sell. What, oh blogfriends, do you think? Should I make something huge and epic for my shop, just as an experiment?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

More or less being a denim whore

I work in the music industry, so wearing jeans every day isn't only an option its practically required. And thus, with jeans being work wear and all, I feel practically obligated to buy REALLY NICE EXPENSIVE pairs. That having been said, there's something about spending $198 for a pair at Blooomingdales that kinda makes me want to vomit.

My solution over the last few years has been Its actually kind of embarassing how many pairs I've bought there . . . hold on . . . let me count . . . at least 9 (!). But the prices are genuinely UNREAL, the selection is great, the shipping is always $2.95 or less, and the photographs!!! They take an overall front shot, a rear pocket shot, and a button/coin pocket close up. GENIUS! Everything I want to see before buying is right there for me to see! And the reviews are great too . . . they can give a bit of a heads up if a brand runs small or big. And in the worst case scenario, if they don't fit, Overstock's return procecure is painless.

One pair I own is now on sale for a FREAKISHLY low $29.99 and I can vouch that they're super awesome. Nice strech, cute but not over the top topstitching, and rad leaf green pocket linings. They were carrying Aristocrat denim for a while which they've sold out of (not ENTIRELY due to me, but in part!) and for a while they had tons of Earnest Sewn in stock (also, depleted by yours truly). They get new stuff in all the time, so its worth checking back every so often! I've currently got my eye on these and these.

So, there is it. My secret trick. Please don't buy up all the 26's! :)

Monday, July 7, 2008


I finally have one!!! A sewing area that isn't also the kithen table!! A flat, sturdy surface that I can LEAVE my sewing machine out on AT ALL TIMES!!!!

The desk I picked up from the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop for SIXTY BUCKS, thats INCLUDING the chair! Its a darn solid piece of furniture too, I had dellusions that I'd be able to lift it into my car and up the stairs by myself and, well, pft . . . yeah, that didn't happen. The chair when I first bought it was upholstered in this GNARLY retro, 70s barf plaid so the very first thing I did was to recover it in a pretty black and cream toile.

Initially I had my three drawer plastic chest next to the desk for extra storage (although honestly, that desk has TONS). I went to Ross on Thursday though and I found the four drawer chest pictured and I knew it'd fit perfectly and look at that detailing! And the ring pulls match the desk!!! I found some really inconsiquental damage on the back and asked if they'd discount because of it, thinking if they'd do 10% off I'd go for it. But they gave me THIRTY PERCENT OFF!!! So mine it was.

The artwork is al from Etsy! Clockwise from top left, its: Blu Lima's Mini Keep Calm and Carry On print, Green Umbrella from RosieMusic (which I traded a neckwarmer for ages ago), King of His Castle from Cafe Baudelaire's shop (her packaging REALLY took the cake!) , Percival Takes a Moment from Pequod's shop (LOVE this one, boy bought it for me last xmas!), and lastly, So Spooky from My Busy Fingers' shop (so much fun! Makes me think of Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin :))

I pulled out some fabric and got to work on a few bags over the weekend. It took me about half the time it usually does to make a purse because everything was right there for me and I didn't have to tack on an extra 10 minutes on eaither end for set up and clean up.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Compare and Contrast

Photo taken just after movers left. What I said upon entering this room isn't fit to print. Not that I mind profanity, but what I said was actually more blasphemous than profane (not that I have a problem with blasphemy either . . . just don't necessarily want to muckrake by broadcasting on internet).

Several hours later (although note, the lingering presence of daylight!). More or less all of the furniture is going to get packed off to Goodwill (not too soon though, the donations guys know me by name at this point and its a little embarrassing. They probably think of me as "the girl with the absurd assortment of crap"). Boy and I have picked out a new bed and we'll get a dresser that goes with . . . just one, double wide I suppose. The bookcase and chair are staying, although not necessarily in the same positions.

Lest you think the bedroom is all I managed to work on in the THREE WHOLE DAYS I took off from work, rest assured a post on my NEW SEWING DESK! will be forthcoming. Also, post on new camera (notice how much nicer my pictures are? yep, NEW CAMERA!)