Monday, June 30, 2008

Actual thing I said today:

"You can't keep bacon as a souvenir"

Fecking hell, I HATE moving.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kinda Sad

I'm moving out of my apartment on Sunday and into the boy and my condo. This is all very exciting of course and I'm really happy that boy and I are finally starting our life together, but I can't help being at least a little sad to be leaving my place. I moved in during a particularly nasty period in my life (the near culmination of which was me projectile vomiting all over my grandmother's church during her funeral, having been poisoned by a Starbucks muffin. I mean, REALLY.) The apartment was the first good thing that had happened to me for quite a while and it is, without a doubt, the most perfect "single girl apartment" in Los Angeles. It was built in 1929 and has many of its original details still intact. Hardwood floors with medallions left by the craftsperson who laid them. All original 20s tile in the bathroom and kitchen. An antique stove with a bit of a personality disorder and a distinct preference for being operated by ME and not others. Coved ceilings, cut glass knobs and a CEDAR LINED hall closet. When I say "they just don't make them like that anymore" its true . . . they don't.

There are of course things I'm happy to be leaving behind too. A neighbor's dog who wants very badly to eat me. A trash guy who enjoys doing pickups before dawn on Fridays. And a citified mockingbird who spends ALL NIGHT singing car alarm noises (I couldn't make that one up!).

Its a new adventure, I know, and I AM excited, but thats not gonna stop me from doing a post looking back at "The Best Apartment In The World" (tm).

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An entirely frivolous post

I'm going to ignore all of the moving and financial chaos going on in my life at the moment to focus on something truly meaningful. Makeup.

We had our first official heat wave of summer over the weekend (not wasting any time, are you, LA?). I don't care who you are or what you spackle your face with, when its over 100 degrees, your makeup is gonna melt. I am a big fan of Bare Minerals. HUGE fan! It took me AGES to finally try the stuff but its worth every penny, and actually it works out to be CHEAPER than regular liquid makeup because the little tubs last forever. But no matter how much I love it, after the 100 degree mark, even Bare Minerals melts. Odd, considering its a powder, I know, but the consistency is actually very creamy. (I know, I wouldn't believe that either unless I used it, but its true.)

So, I've started experimenting with methods to avoid melting, as I do every year almost entirely without success. But this year, I've already managed to stumble upon a BRILLIANT combination that actually stays COMPLETELY put no matter the heat.

I start with Benefit's Some Kind-a Gorgeous which I will totally admit to having bought entirely for the packaging. So? Its kind of a hybrid between a tinted moisturizer and a primer. It feels GREAT going on the skin and it gives the perfect amount of super light coverage. Then for my hideous under eye circles (I am VERY pale and I don't sleep well. Bad combo.) I use another Benefit product, Lemon-Aid. Then any old cream concealer where needed and I finish everything off by dusting with Bare Minerals (yea!) Mineral Veil.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

So excited I could pee

Boy and I are going to see the Old 97s tonight. THE M-EFFIN OLD 97S!!!!! I just told boy that they're one of the top three live bands I've EVER seen in my ENTIRE LIFE and I've seen a fuck-ton of bands and I don't like much of anything. And the best part? BOY HAS NEVER SEEN THEM!!! Its like introducing someone to CAKE! Like, oh, gosh, you've eaten bread and water your whole life? That sucks. Here, have some M-EFFIN' CAKE!!! (Although maybe not quite at that level since boy has also seen a fuck-ton of bands and one of the other top three live bands EVER! is on his label.) But still, all considered, EXTREMELY exciting!

Almost exciting enough to make up for the fact that the mortgage industry blows big fat expensive chunks and for the fact that most of my craft supplies are PACKED in TAPED SHUT BOXES. Ah, feck it, it IS ENOUGH to make up for all of that!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Carving out a craft space

One of the things I'm most excited about with the upcoming move is the fact that I'll FINALLY have my very own CRAFT SPACE!!! Boy has been using our loft as his office and admittedly, running his label requires a ton of space, but we spent ALL WEEKEND going back and forth from Ikea, building stuff, moving things we probably shouldn't have been lifting, etc. in order to consolidate his stuff so that I can have some storage and a corner for a sewing desk of my own.

The biggest storage hurdle for us was, of course, music. Boy collects vinyl . . . by collects I mean there are about 2,000 records (no joke) that had to be stored somewhere. He had these cubes from Ikea going on already, and they are actually great for storing records so we decided to keep going in that general direction. We moved a stack of 12 up from the living room then bought another 8. The whole time we were moving and building I kept myself motivated by thinking "when we're done, we'll have more than enough space!", but wouldn't you know, we don't . . . it'll do though. I always thought my craft stash was huge and friends visiting my old apartment would invariably be shocked by the number of CDs I had . . .but check out the photo of the vinyl wall: the 4 cubes to the far left? Thats my entire CD collection (admittedly, 2 stacks deep, but still). The rest is all boy's.

I've got my fabric sorted and stacked nicely (so I can see it all!!! how fantastic is that?!?!). I'm going to buy a desk or a dining table at a thrift store for the sewing corner. I'd like to get a chair with a padded seat that I can reupholster. Then once thats all up I'm going to get to work framing and hanging my little gallery of small prints and ATCs from Etsy. I've also bought some portable storage for my beading boxes. Since I tend to do all of my jewelry making on the sofa in front of the History Channel, it'll be really handy to have storage with handles so that I can carry my beading around the house! Its still a ways off from being done . . . but my space is finally cleared and ready for me so I'm happy to have made so much progress this weekend!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Very Valuable Lesson

I learned an extremely important lesson last night. It was the kind of thing I probably should've been told at some point in my life already (*pouts pathetically at parents over internet*), but in the event anyone reading this also is unaware of this REALLY IMPORTANT detail, I'm going to go ahead and print it here for future reference.


Allow me to back up a few steps here. My Ikea dresser that I actually really like has been "dropping its drawers", so to speak, lately because one of the bottom planks which is held in place with a little wooden pin keeps popping out of joint. Last night I tried to "fix" it my usual way (by kicking the s**t out of it) without success. The F-word was involved.

So I thought to myself, "I'm crafty . . . I dont' have to take this . . . I HAVE GLUE!! WOOD glue even!!", and I stomped off to my craft drawer to get some Gorilla Glue. Problem was, I hadn't used it in a while so, being gluey, the tip had hardened over and in my excitement I squeezed the tube a bit too hard and . . .well . . . glue all over my hands.

So I went to wash them.

Which made it worse. Much, much worse.

Apparently wood glue kinda repels liquid. And the only effect washing had was to spread the glue around even MORE. So that my ENTIRE HANDS, BOTH! were fully coated. These are the things that weren't effective in getting it off: half a bottle of bath and body works anti bacterial soap, fancy spa exfoliating granules, a dish towel. This is what finally was: nail polish remover and a pumice stone.

Needless to say, my poor hands are now bright red, scaly, and hurt-y. As for the dresser though . . . I fixed that bugger up something fierce!

Monday, June 9, 2008

IT FITS!!!!!

I picked up the dress on Saturday and OH MY GOSH it fits BEAUTIFULLY! Almost to the point where I'm kinda worried about what would've happened if I HADN'T lost all that weight. You can rest assured that now that I know the dress fits perfectly I'll gain it all back. Thats life . . . but I've got a good tailor's number! (Yes, I can sew, but not anything thats going to have to fit a human body!).

I think the real reason it fit so beautifully is that there's some corsetry involved . . . those things are genius, what I wouldn't do to bring full on corsets and court gowns back into fashion. They make your body look INSANE! Who cares about breathing?! OVERRATED. If my waist can look that small, then oxygen really is a secondary concern.

So . . .wanna see? ;) My dad put a super top secret website up with photos of the dress. This blog post right here is the ONLY place in the whole web where I'm going to link to that site. And boy, if you click, know that I'd probably forgive you but your mom never will . . . so STEP AWAY FROM THE MOUSE BUTTON! :D


Friday, June 6, 2008

The Big Three - Oh - Oh!

It happened! Hooray!!!! I've been creeping up on 300 sales for a while now and this morning I sold my 300th item to a dear, dear friend from High School who was sweet enough to notice that I was at 299 items sold and then acutally GO OUT AND BUY a pair of earrings to bump me up to 300. How awesome is that!!?!!

The boy and I had a bet going about when the 300th sale would happen . . . on Wednesday night when I was at 298 he said 300 would happen by 9am Saturday and I said Midnight Friday night/Saturday morning. Being closer, I WON!!!! and now boy is going to have to watch 27 Dresses with me (being able to pick the next movie at the video store w/o any arguments was the prize!). We're also going to Luna Park tonight to celebrate with macaroni and cheese and SMORES!

And speaking of wedding dresses . . . I'm picking mine up tomorrow!!!!!

I've got to admit, I'm a little worried about it though. When I'm under pressure I tend to shrink. With the moving and mortgages and wedding plannning, well . . . I've lost about 15 lbs since I ordered the dress. I hadn't realized quite how dire the situation was until I got on the scale the other night. Then I had myself a little freakout while boy stared at me blankly. So I said "You know what? Here, I'll SHOW YOU!" and proceeded to take my skinniest size 27 William Rast jeans and pull them DOWN TO MY KNEES then back on again without unbuttoning or unzipping anything. "Oh . . .well . . .shit?", said the boy.

Who knows what I'll weigh next March though, right? And dresses can be altered! I'm going to be doing some altering anyways! Has anyone had to alter a wedding dress for size? Is altering one down a full size a rational possibility?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hooray, Packaging!!!! (not packing)

So several months ago before I realized I'd be moving in June I signed myself up to participate in a special edition of the July Sampler. Instead of doing one big Sampler for July there will be several smaller 'themed' samplers with (theoretically) better samples. I'm participating in the Jewelry Box Booster Edition and I just finished my samples up last night!!!

I made 10 pairs of English Shilling earrings with Moss Agate accents (Seriously dad, THANK YOU for drilling like, what was it, 110? Shillings for me!). Normally these would retail in my shop for $14 a pair, so its a pretty big contribution, but I had the materials all lined up at home and I've always had a great response from The Sampler, so I decided to go for it!

In order to make my earrings reallly stand out, I wanted to try something special with the packaging. I found a map in an old issue of National Geograpic and cut pieces sized to slip inside plain celo bags. I punched the earrings through the map pages and taped down the backs of the hooks to lie flat, then covered the tape with a little sticker listing materials, etc. I slipped a business card in the celo bags behind the maps and taped them shut. A bit fidgety, but I think they came out TOTALLY CUTE!!

I'd love to beef up my packaging in general for my other Etsy items. I did a big order from Fire Mountain the other day and bought some new shiny black jewlery boxes, which are a bit cooler looking than basic white. I think I might be able to easily translate the map idea by cutting strips of paper to make a little band across each box. I could use materials other than maps too . . . like vintage book pages or scrapbook paper. The celo bag thing was fun for earrings . . . but I like using boxes since they give a bit of insurance that things won't shatter in the mail. And for general Etsy purposes I need minimum fidget and maximum "oooh . . . isn't that cute!?!?"-ness. I'll post whatever I come up with!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

And less happy thoughts

1) How ironic is it that when you're preparing to move and you've got the absolute least possible amount free time on your hands that, JUST AT THAT EXACT MOMENT, is when you've got to call every single company that you do or ever have done business with and tell them, individually, that you're going to be at a new address. And how is it in all their years of experience dealing with customers, including customers of the cranky and moving variety, that most companies haven't figured out a) how to set up their auto answering system so that when I key in my absurdly long account number, said number actually GOES to the person who ends up taking my call so they don't have to ask for it AGAIN as soon as we've said hello and b) that NO, in no way is the time I'm calling to cancel service also a good time for a SALES PITCH.

Also, whats up with the hold music?

I'm just saying.

2) What gives with the proliferation of "travel booking sites" like Expedia, Travelocity and similar making it damn near IMPOSSIBLE to search for and find a hotel's OWN website?

Travelocity and Expedia: I KNOW YOU EXIST. And if I wanted to search your "HOT DEALS!" I'd know where and how to do so. So stop populating my entire google search page for a minute, ok?!?!

(And by the way, if anyone reading this has London hotel suggestions, please comment them! Looking for something historic, unusual, walking distance to either Westminster, Oxford Street, Picadilly Circus or Covent Garden, and under 150 Pounds a night-ish.)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Thoughts

- Marian Keyes' new book is out on the 17th! I ADORE her stuff . . . its chick-lit-y but without the nasty, cheetos-type, "I just read something that completely insulted my intelligence" aftertaste. Her books are actually smart instead of being entirely about shoes, shopping, and/or getting some poor sap to agree to marry you.

- Speaking of poor saps marrying me, MY DRESS IS READY!!! I'm going to pick it up this weekend. I'm THRILLED to be getting it finally. I'm going to be doing some alterations to my coat (decided I don't like the fur collar and cuffs) so it'll still be a long road before I can see my "final" wedding outfit all put together, but one step closer is always nice!

- I'm working like a mad woman to build up stock for my Etsy shop up so that I can take a breather when the packing/moving/mortgage aquiring starts to ramp up. I've got tons of yummy new things to list! Coinage is involved ;)