Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why I'll (probably) never be a Superstar Blogger

The other day I was reading a blog that I adore by a woman who I'm SURE we all read, and slipped in there between adorable stories about her kids and general updates was something . . . .well . . . kinda mean. It was something so vague that you almost wouldn't even notice it at first. It wasn't even directly mean just suggestive of meanness. But if the person it were about had read it . . . .kinda cringeworthy.

Don't get me wrong . . . the blog in question is one of my favorites. Exactly because of the occasional snark, not in spite of it. And the comment that got my panties in a twist is one that honestly, I feel the author was ENTIRELY ENTITLED TO. Its very likely that if I were in her situation, I'd feel exactly the same. But would I have posted about it? Knowing full well that the person or people it was about might see it? And knowing that it might suggest that I had something, however vague, against them?

Nope. I couldn't.

I'm too sensitive. I'm too empathetic. To a fault. I would stay up all night worrying that this other person was off crying to themselves about the mean thing I'd said. Even if they most likely weren't. Even if I were all but certain they weren't. (Why yes, it IS almost that time of the month again. Thanks for asking!)

Can a blog be interesting without being snide? Or without being contentious? I have LOTS of snide and contentious things I could post, BELIEVE ME. And while I can admit that I enjoy reading those kinds of posts they aren't what I want to talk about here. I have been known to get political on occasion. And it isn't always sweetness and light around here. But more or less, I like to talk about making things, cooking things, and planning my wedding. All without talking much smack. Is that ok?


Camels & Chocolate said...

This is a quandary I wrestle with daily...on one hand, I view my blog as my diary, where I can spill everything, and I rarely use real names anyway. On the other hand, I'm still Southern through and through, and the thought of offending someone gives me a stomachache. Still, I hate the ever-present feeling that I have to self-censor at the risk of indirectly offending someone, ya know?

Nutsy Coco said...

It's definitely ok! Yeah, snarky and snide can be amusing, but I don't think it would be if that's ALL we read. I also thinks it's more amusing when kept anonymous or when you know it's not truly ill-intentioned.

Beans said...

my thought is that if you dont want someone to read it dont write it. Part of this whole idea is self justification. "someone else is going through the same thing so i am not alone." Thats the good part. The bad part is its also where people say "well if they said mean things I can too" then all it is good for is entertainment. and who cares if someone says they dont like you on their blog. you write about what you want screw everybody else. Its like the music issue if you dont like what you hear turn the station. done.

Domesticrazy said...

It's sounds like the kind of thing that may come out accidentally, you know? I know I tend to write, post, and forget about it. I'd feel really bad if I ever hurt anyone's feelings, but I also would prefer to get stuff out on my blog than talk about it to another person and have it get back that way. In a perfect world, I'd like to not get wound up about petty crap, too. But I'm a flawed person and a real idiot sometimes, so I give the benefit of the doubt where I can and try to forgive everything else. Good point, though. Mean, well, mean just isn't very nice.