Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Perfumes and coffee tables

As mentioned yesterday, boy and I did some heavy duty furniture shopping over the weekend. The condo we bought he'd actually been living in already (long story) so it still in a way feels like "his" place. We've been talking for ages about redoing it to suit both of us, which basically means modern for him and gothic for me. Yep, modern gothic. Just trust me.

We're in the process of having a new sofa (and loveseat! and bench!) made and hopefully we'll be in possession of said items by Christmas. The fabric we chose (LOVE!) is sadly on backorder until the 16th but it is SO worth waiting for. Its a deep charcoal grey in sort of a woven tweed-y fabric. Like something you'd see a winter coat made of. And anyone who knows me KNOWS about my thing for coats . . . its going to be like a big grey coat in my living room. SWOON! I'm going to keep you all in suspense about the sofa style until it arrives (all of you except D-crazy, cause I sent her a photo of it ages ago).

In addition to the sofa I knew we were going to need a new rug to replace boy's grotty beige piece of crap. Sorry, but I have MUCH hate for that rug. Very much. Boy and I found one at Urban Home that we (both!) loved but it was ivory and since we do want children soon we had to think seriously about whether we'd be able to keep an ivory rug ivory. We decided in the end that of course we'd have perfectly clean and sanitary babies, so the rug will be just fine. Don't try to set me straight on this. I'm not listening . . .la la la la la!

Then there were dressers . . . boy and I each had one already but of course they don't match. And mine is a piece of shit from Ikea and keeps collapsing on me. And NO the collapsing has NOTHING to do with my 30-odd pair jean collection, GOD! So we bought two of the large dresser on the right, which I love because of the medieval looking handles and boy loves because they're, well, rectangular.

On to the "big ass wall"! Our living room is laid out so that the wall to your right when you walk in seems ENNNNNDDDLLLEEESSSSSly long. We've also got crazy high ceilings in the living room, so that wall is a bit of a challenge. There must be STUFF! on it. We bought a wood slat bench from Overstock.com and a simple black bookcase from Ikea. Cross your fingers for me that this is enough furniture to satisfy the wall of doom.

We probably should've stopped there.

But! We have this TV stand. And its square but the space for our TV is more triangular. And the TV stand is sort poking out suspiciously close to our fireplace. And what would newlywed life be like without being able to light a fire once in a while? So clearly, new TV stand it was. We just wanted something simple and basic that would fit in the corner, and we found just that at Target.

Which brings us to the coffee table. If you're gonna go whole hog, there's no point being shy about it. And I've COVETED this coffee table for months. JUST LOOK AT IT!

OK. We are done now. Mostly. Shut up.

On to perfumery! I recently came into an insane stash of perfume samples which I'd normally let linger in the bathroom drawer until they'd fossilized, but instead I've decided to wear them! And review them for you!

First up is Versace Bright Crystal. I'm really more of a Dark Crystal kind of girl myself, but this perfume is surprisingly nice. It has fairly strong pomegranate notes which are quite nice; sweet without being overly fruity and teenager-ish. Its not much for longevity though . . .I put it on right before work and by lunchtime it had all but vanished. This isn't one I'll be investing in a full size bottle of, but I'm happy to have my little sample vial!

Gah, that was a long post!


Nutsy Coco said...

Fun!! I really want to buy some new furniture but we're planning on moving in the spring so I keep telling myself it doesn't make sense to do it until we have our new place. You'll have to post pics once you get everything in place!

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