Friday, December 12, 2008

PehrSpace(Craft) is almost here!

In about 24 hours I'll be setting up my table! I'm so excited . . . I've been selling for quite a while on Etsy this is my first live fair. There are all of these new things to consider; like change! and price tags! and not working in my pajamas!

I promise to bring the camera and make boy take tons of photos. If you're in the LA area, click here for info!

So as not to break my long ass post streak, I'll go ahead and review one more perfume today, Prada's Infusion D'Iris. This one is fresh and very light. Its a floral, but not in the way I'm used to . . . its much more green than sweet or earthy. I wore it yesterday meaning to review it then didn't have time, and I was happy to wear it again today for your reading pleasure! This would be a great scent for girls who aren't really into traditional perfumes, its intersting but more clean than anything.

In other news, I have a furniture delivery coming tomorrow. Squee!! I'm really excited but also sort of TERRIFIED since I know I won't be able to get everything situated for a few days, and misplaced furniture (for DAYS) is really gonna be bad for my OCD. HOWEVER! Boy and I have the fair of course then on Sunday we also have his family holiday party so (crosses fingers) I'll be away from home so much that I really won't notice random coffee tables and rolled up rugs lurking around. (Please, universe, let it work out that way. Or send Valium.)

Happy weekend!

ADDENDUM: Urban Home just called and asked if they could push our delivery tomorow from 10-1 to 12-3. Which, NO! UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO DIE! Send good delivery man thoughts my way, PLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSEEEEE! If he could be EARLY all the better!

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