Friday, December 5, 2008

Likes It Friday

Its about time for a feature round here! Every Friday starting now I'll post about something I like. I might write about a beauty product or a recipe. A book or a blog. All without being paid to do so (although I am certainly open to being paid if the opportunity arises! Being paid = always good!) I'm almost certian to feature Etsy finds, foods involving cheese, and lipgloss. Grammatical errors and sentence fragments are all but guaranteed. "Overwhelming", "alarming" even "creepy" enthusiasm: a given.

First up, Bobbi Brown's Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush. You might be thinking "$25 for an eyeliner brush?! YOU CRAZY!" to which I would reply that it is a veritable BARGAIN at $25 since I somehow wound up spending $27 for mine at Bloomies. Moral of story: Don't buy this at Bloomies.

Every other eyeliner brush I've used has been ineffective for one of the following reasons: 1) Too fluffy, ergo only capable of applying eyeliner in inch wide swaths, 2) Comically thin, once the one bristle falls out you've got yourself a lovely brushless handle; or, 3) Angled and hard, which do apply eyeliner nicely but rip out half your eyelashes on their way.

This brush, however, has lovely, rounded, tapered bristles which are substantial enough to pick up a decent sized scoop of gel eyeliner but are also TAPERED enough to apply that eyeliner in a thin line. And despite my repeated washing, I've yet to lose or dislodge a single bristle in this quality brush.

I likes it!

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